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  1. Obviously you haven't been to the mall in a while. That one shut down several months ago. Shame on you for not going more. Might have kept them open!
  2. Walker Valley's girls basketball coach Paul Cretton stepped down today after 4 years at WVHS. He had previously coached the Bradley Central Bearettes during the 90's. He is a great person, coach and teacher and will be missed at WVHS. It'll be interesting to see who applies and gets hired.
  3. There have been several instances where a player from the winning team didn't get the MVP. In 1964 Jane Brock won for Bradley Central and they only finished 3rd back when they still played a consolation game before classification. Also in 1995 Amy Geren of Bradley Central won when they finished 2nd to Shelbyville.
  4. You are certainly right about Coach Crawford. He was a well-liked and respected head coach who never got what was promised at CHS according to him when he left. The only thing that Cleveland and Covington have in common is that it takes 9 letters to spell both names and it starts with a capital 'C'. This will be the 5th head coach at CHs that Floyd had faced while head coach at BCHS. Any wonder why kids are flocking to Bradley?
  5. A slight correction. The Region 3-AAA tournament will be played on the floor of the District 5-AAA tournament winner. You are assuming it will be BCHS and it will be if they win the tourney as expected. The boys will also be on the floor of the District 5-AAA tourney winner. But the first round region games will continue to be played on the floor of the 1st- and 2nd-place teams with 3rd- and 4th-place teams traveling to the opposing district's 1st and 2nd. Hope that's clear.
  6. One good thing about the Bearettes is that you won't have to worry about their behavior when they are out of town. It's a part of the Bearette legacy that tradition and pride take precedence over personal satisfaction. With our coaching staff and young ladies there are no worries.
  7. The Bearetttes won their 1st round game game 40-35 over Beaverton, Oregon, the #1 ranked team in Oregon. They'll next face Highlands Ranch, Colorado, the #1 ranked team in Colorado on Thursday at 10:00 Arizona time.
  8. The 19th annual Holiday Inn Express Thanksgiving Tournament will once again be held at Bradley Central High School in Cleveland on Friday and Saturday. Admission is $7 for all day with 6 games each day. Friday, 11/23-- Game 1--11:00 a.m.-- Bradley Central 59 Creekview, GA. 45 Game 2--12:30 p.m.--Daniel Boone 55 Grace Christian (Knoxville 46) Game 3--2:00 p.m.--McMinn Central 60 Eagles Landing, GA 46 Game 4--3:30 p.m.---Sullivan Central 50 Collierville 36 Game 5--6:00 p.o.--Creekview, GA 61, Grace Christian 28 Game 6--7:30 p.m.--Collierville 74 Eagles Landing, GA 49 Saturday 11/24-- Game 7--10:00 a.m.--Bradley Central 55, Daniel Boone 42 Game 8--11;30 a.m.-Sullivan Central 47, McMinn Central 36 Game 9--2:00 p.m.--Eagles Landing, GA 52, Grace Christian 47 for 7th place Game 10--3:30 p.m.--Creekview, GA 48, Collierville 41 for 5th place Game 11--5:00 p.m.--Daniel Boone 55, McMinn Central 50 for 3rd place Game 12--6:30 p.m.--Bradley Central 55, Sullivan Central 37 for the championship
  9. First and second qb are injured. Maynor was moved to qb just like week. Got to love his moxie and Coach Barnes. They won't go down without a battle. Best of luck to the Trojans.
  10. I think that the Bears are locked into 3rd place with no chance at 1st or 2nd despite any outcome of the game with Maryville on Friday unless Ooltewah loses to Heritage which is highly doubtful. Double check this but Ooltewah has the head-to-head tie-breaker and a 3-way tie goes to Maryville based on their record against non=region teams they beat with better than a .500 record.
  11. A couple of corrections to your post. The record is 53-39-3 and Coach Floyd is 6-7 in 13 seasons vs the Cherokees. Both teams have played continuously since 1927. Rockwood and Harriman have played continuously since 1924. They first met in 1921 but skipped 1922 and 1923. 58-41-4 for Rockwood. South Pittsburg and Marion County have played continuously since 1924. 50-40-4 for SP. Baylor and McCallie first played in 1905 but due to the hatred between the two schools they did not play from 1940-1970. Baylor leads 47-40-4. Best of luck to the Bears and Cherokees and bring your galoshes. You'll need them.
  12. I think you forgot about all the coaches that came after Benny. Leon Brown, Danny WIlson, E.K. Slaughter, Ron Crawford and then Cummings. So he isn't exactly following in Benny's footsteps if you asked me.
  13. You might be mistaken Tribe Fan. Rhea uses Hamilton County officials for all their sports.
  14. This suspended game will be resumed at 7:00 p.m. (Eastern) tonight at Bradley Central. The storm stopped the game in the top of the 1st inning with the Red Hawks leading 1-0. There are 2 runners on base with 2 out. Camden Manning doubled in Chase Vondolhlen for the only run so far. Manning is at 2nd base with Brandon Rooney at 1st base after waking. Riley Black is on the bump for the Bears with a pitch count at 17 when play was stopped. The winner of this game will play in the state tourney on Tuesday at 5:00 or 7:30 p.m. Central at either Siegel or Oakland. The location, time and opponent will be determined in a blind draw on Sunday after all eight sub-state games have been played. Aaron Moriarty will be on the mound for the Red Hawks when the Bears come to bat.
  15. Bradley Central and East Hamilton battle for the District 5-AAA title on Monday night. Cleveland and Walker Valley will play for 3rd place.
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