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  1. Oak Ridge has 3 with 2 or more. Jordan Wollard with 4 including a grand slam Steven Monger with 4 James Normand with 2
  2. What I have heard through the OR parents is that he keeps only 22-26 players. This year they have more freshmen (14) than all three other classes combine (12). Their is no way you can compete with other programs when they have 8 to 15 seniors alone on varsity. I was at their tounament this weekend and OR has 3 baseball fields and has the capibility of practing a freshmen team, a JV team and their varsity field which is nice. Other schools would love to have their set up. OR is a gold mine for a coach to build a great program with 40-60 boys easily. They have the atheles at OR but only have 3 seniors on the roster. If they had 6 or 7 seniors as good as the those 3, they would be very good what I have seen.
  3. You are correct, the East region went undefeated last year and won it for the first time. I do not know what every one is concerned about. There are so many show cases through out Tennessee that these parents can take their kids to and the TBCA isn't necessary the greatest. I think the best showcase is the one that the Smokies hold each summer. To me, the kids get better reps and are seen by more coaches than at the TBCA.
  4. Mike Guinn is the Head Coach. I believe the Oak Ridge and Clinton coaches assist him. Last year half the kids were from the Tri City area and half from the Knoxville area.
  5. I was told that a kid on the Oak Ridge team was overlook or not fought for from his coach at the district meetings for the all district team. Clay Warren led the team in hitting at .394, had 7 of OR's 16 victories and broke the school record in doubles this year. As we know, all district is not always right. Most coaches only sees a player twice during the reqular season and maybe once in the district tournament. Supposely the OR coach pushed another player even though he had a average season.
  6. Oak Ridge has 2 w/Halls and 1 w/Central left in District play
  7. Oak Ridge and Central has three losses. They play a make up game Tuesday night at Central. Powell has 4 losses and is in 2nd place. Everyone else has 5 or more losses in the District.
  8. Powell 7 Karns 5 Oak Ridge 9 Campbell Co 0 That is all the scores I know.
  9. Does anyone know the District standings? Whos on top and whos on the bottom?
  10. 2bagger

    Oak Ridge

    I just know OR plays Daniel Boone, Kingsport Dobyns Bennet, Science Hill and Sequoyah
  11. 2bagger

    District 3AAA

    Powell and Oak Ridge looks to be pretty good this year.
  12. OR lost their catcher and a starting pitcher, but return 6 starters and 2 starting pitchers. Steven Monger should be the catcher and they return last year starters Woullard/Guymon at SS/2B along with another Guymon in centerfield. They were real strong up the middle last year and Monger will add to it this year. Williamson and Warren will be their aces on the mound.
  13. 2bagger

    Next Season (2009)

    Oak Ridge returns 5 starters and 4 experiece pitchers for next year. They will only have 1 senior that starts in the field and 1 senior as a pitcher. They will have to replace their catcher and 2 outfielders, but will return their infield (all juniors) including Woullard (ss) and Guymon (2B) that only committed 6 errors between them all year. Monger their (3B) might move to catcher which will strengthen their middle defense. Probably the most talent team that OR has had in the last 10 years.
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