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  1. Is there anywhere to watch this game on the internet? Im out of town so i wont be able to watch it on the TV or go.
  2. David123

    Farragut @ Riverdale

    Being a Riverdale student this really makes me mad. It gives all of us a bad rep. I just dont see why you you steal anything period or harass the oposing teams busses. FWIW I saw a farragut player on the way out of the statium and i congradulated him and said he played a good game, but he just looked at me like i was an idiot. Kind of ticked me off but maybe it was just because i was painted up.
  3. David123

    Oakland v. Riverdale

    I saw Byron sitting the the Oakland d line at toots after the game FWIW. 2p what are these stories of marc that you are talking about?
  4. David123

    Schedule for State

    Does anyone know the ordaer of events and wat days they will be on?what times the y start all that good stuff
  5. David123

    Riverdale Track

    How is the Riverdale team this year? Do they haveanyone that will compete for state and have a chance to win or place? Did anybody get a scholership?