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  1. I ll call them out in a heartbeat!!!!!!!!!1 They dont mind calling you or anybody else out anyday of the week...........that s as classless as i ve ever heard of and as far as icing a game has to be the worst or dumbest excuse i ve heard........PITIFUL!!!!!!!!!
  2. According to Beast69 comments i dont think there should be anymore games...........................JUST CROWN East Hammy and get it over with!!!
  3. I think he ll stick around and try to build a program but you never know with him though..........i think the sophomore class looks good.
  4. So your telling me coached football last year @ Central?????
  5. Central s been hurting way before this so let the man get his fair take on rebuilding then we ll talk about running him off The kids he ran off did hurt the program short term but he s building long term i think and i hope they get better..........maybe we need to get better coaches acroos the street @ Harrison Rec???? Theres always a few standout s @ Central year to year but cant seem to get a group to stay together.........if anybody can get players in there it him!!
  6. It s his 1st year so give him a chance...........could he have won a game or 2 more????? I m not disagreeing about all the comments but to expect someone to come in nd win it all JUST AINT gonna happen i dont care who you are...........he s trying to re build a school/athletic program and he s building from the ground up IMO..........i agree he s not the best coach but he s got a plate full for sure dealing with a losing team to begin with, much less trying to make all the rec league coaches on here happy!
  7. Running the same crap every down DONT WORK...............getting old watching it year after year!!
  8. talking about the pot calling the kettle black..........better watch the Brown kids going to East Hamilton
  9. You ve been hiding for weeks now and then you come back with the arrogance again........when will you learn grasshopper.
  10. I ll take the bet............gonna get Beast69 first ha ha.................i m a SeaHawk, Pounder and Owls fan too so i ve been busy but i have nt forgot about you
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