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  1. VballBruins


    Great Tournament as always,lets hope it wasn't the last BIVT at AGame.... Mountain Brook beat North Oldham in one semi,and Brentwood beat Webb in the other.Brentwood and Mountain Brook had their second great match of the season with Brentwood winning 13-25,25=20,15-8...Brentwood also pulled out a three game match vs McGill Toolen to win jv gold Clifford-Ooltewah did play well and look better every time we see them,I'm sure they will be ready for State
  2. Coach King will be missed,he is a great coach and teacher,He also has two books if anyone wants a great read. Go Bruins
  3. What a season,61-1, These girls were on a mission this year and got it done.Katie Kemp waited until her senior year to be starting setter and set the goals high,as they are every year at Brentwood.Winners of The Iron Man Tourney,BIVT,Hoover,let alone district 11-AAA undefeated championships,...and State,after replacing 5 starters from last years state championship team. Coach Campbell has done it again.Coach is the difference at Brentwood,Her record stands on its own,She is the best.Not only does she run the best pre season team camp,The Blastoff,and the best high school tournament (BIVT),she also holds her girls accountable in the classroom and on the court...If you think these girls are good at ball...you should see their GPA's... Thanks to the T$$AA for all the free motivation at state,Day 1 you won't let the girls in the building,saying its to early,when Dobbyns is already in the Building...Our girls get a nasty(understatement) boys basketball lockeroom to change in,You put the #1 seed as visitor on the scoreboard throughout the tourney,and we're put on Sea Gulls home floor and told its no advantage,plus Farragut is on our side of the bracket. Farragut was awesome,played their butts off,had to take the tough road to the championship and earned every bit of it.There is no doubt K2 has made Knoxville strong,Alexis Parker has taken Kat Hudsons place as the hardest hitter in the state. Congrats to all teams,players, and parents at state.We know how hard the girls work
  4. Calm down babe,great match,#6 for Farragut dominated for her team as she does for her K2 team,one of the best players I've had the pleasure to watch,Brentwood responded well and both teams got a lot of momentum from that match in my opinion,tomorrow should be some great ball.
  5. T$$aa is a joke,playing a state championship in a Middle School is ridiculous,let alone a HighSchool,All teams deserve the big stage,even Siegel! It's a shame,as hard as these girls work that they are a afterthought,sure wouldn't happen to football or basketball...and as if they don't make enough they charge us to park...at a school...comon man!
  6. Blessed Trinity is always strong,they have won the BIVT tourney before.5 states represented this year.This tournament has always been strong and moving it to Agame a few years back made a great tournament even better. Brentwood and Siegel both went through a endurance test to get to the finals,The Bruins played awesome and got it 2-0 Round 3 with Siegel is Wednesday 10/1 at Brentwood
  7. 16-25, 25-14, 15-7 Lady Bruins in 3, great weekend
  8. K2 if you don't see Siegel in finals then you haven't seen Siegel,Coach Robinson is the right fit for this senior loaded team,The match with Brentwood at Ensworth playday yesterday was awesome. If anyone wants to see these two battle, they will meet yet again at The Brentwood Blastoff at A-game,Saturday at noon.
  9. Totally disagree,I feel representing your school is a honor for a child,and the memories will last them a lifetime.I have.never seen a kid just play travel and not school in middle Tennessee,just at K2 in Knoxville. Its a shame you don't want to make your school program better. With what you will spend on the money grab that travel has become,you could pay for that collage education twice over,and there are pleanty of bad travel coaches too,the club just doesn't admit their bad until your season is over and they have cashed the check. We are truly blessed In Williamson/Rutherford counties with great high school sports,,packed football fields,gyms,and great rilveries and competition. Kids here who get burned out quit the travel,not school.
  10. In The semi's Brentwood beat Immaculate Heart Academy (New Jersey),and Ravenwood beat Blessed Trinity (Georgia) Ravenwood then beat Brentwood in a match that went 3. Brentwood JV won the JV tournament with a awesome 3 game match against Siegel.
  11. VballBruins

    PHargis RIP

    Sad to hear of the loss of Phil at the Siegel /Bwood game tonight,He will surely be missed,It was always a pleasure to speak to him at matches,His 3 Siegel granddaughters always had the proudest Grandad at the gym,He made CoachT fun for many years.I wish everyone made the effort to watch their children/grandchildren play as Phil did. Rest in Peace Phil.
  12. Go Bruins! never doubt the heart of a Bruin=no quit
  13. Brentwood beat Franklin 3-0 Independence beat Centennial 3-1 and,,,in a awesome match Brentwood beat Independence 3-2 (21-25,18-25,25-17,25-18,15-9) I was told Cent. beat Franklin but didn't get the game score
  14. Bwood vs Centennial 25-20,25-16,25-15 Bwood vs Riverdale 25-23,25-18,25-18 Cent. vs BGA 20-25,25-17,22-25,25-21,15-11 Riverdale beat BGA 3-0..but I didn't get scores
  15. Hey BB. That match is tonight along with Centennial,BGA is the forth team there.It should be good,hopefully our young team can hang with them!
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