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  1. feverpitch

    MBA vs Ensworth

    MBA vs Ensworth Round 2! Any thoughts on who comes out ahead this game?
  2. feverpitch

    Brentwood Academy vs MUS

    Very little talk about MUS on the boards this year. In fact, little talk in comparison to years past about the DII teams in general. MUS will certainly have an advantage with the game in Memphis. How does everyone see this game shaking out?
  3. feverpitch

    Baylor vs McCallie 2

    Woodruff, you crack me up!
  4. feverpitch

    D-2 playoff scores

    Brentwood Academy-3 Ensworth-1
  5. feverpitch

    MBA vs Brentwood Academy

    A week from today MBA will face Brentwood Academy at BA. Brentwood Academy will be coming off a bye week after losing to Ensworth and Baylor. This Middle/East Region appears to be fairly even with few exceptions. I think this will be another game to close to predict, but with BA having the home field advantage they may have the edge.
  6. feverpitch

    District 7 (A-AA)

    You know what happens when you "assume..."
  7. feverpitch

    BGA vs. MaCallie

    Congrats to McCallie for the win. I thought it would be a closer game. The score I heard did not indicate that.
  8. feverpitch

    Baylor vs Brentwood Academy

    Tyler Berlin will be out for this game with a sprained MCL. Word has it that he will return in time to play MBA.
  9. feverpitch

    Baylor vs Brentwood Academy

    That is how BA lost to Ensworth... those four turnovers were the difference in that game. BA has made several mistakes in the way of turnovers and penalties. The difference in the other games was that BA had the talent to overcome it and with Ensworth they were able to capitalize on those errors. Will Baylor be able to do that and can BA execute without all of the errors?
  10. feverpitch

    BGA vs. MaCallie

    I believe that BGA will win this one. Where is it being played? They may dictate whether this will be a close game or not.
  11. feverpitch

    Ensworth Recruiting

    That's a good one, Shakin'!!
  12. feverpitch

    Baylor vs Brentwood Academy

    I'll agree. I don't think this will be a blow out for Brentwood Academy.
  13. feverpitch

    Ensworth Recruiting

    So, a kid that wants to attend Alabama because they are a national football powerhouse and have the potential to do it again, or because they will receive great preparation for the next level and they might realize their dream of playing in the NFL... is that unrealistic? Do you suppose that most kids want to play in the SEC because it is a strong conference with numerous teams ranked in the top 20 in the nation and with that comes exposure and opportunity? I submit that these kids are attracted to these programs because of the school's history; what they offer, football and otherwise; and not because they were recruited.
  14. feverpitch

    Baylor vs Brentwood Academy

    The game is Friday night at Baylor. Baylor is undefeated. BA is coming off a loss to Ensworth. Can BA rebound and beat Baylor? Can BA keep from turning the ball over? Should be another exciting game!
  15. feverpitch


    Is Richardson okay?