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  1. Cleveland wasn't the underdog. Everyone in Sevierville knew that. Polls are bologna at the beginning. But Cleveland has speed and played well. Sevier Co. Had some positives. Give the Smoky Bears a year or so. They will be back in the mix. I still vow 3-7 record and a playoff appearance this year. Go get those Ooltewah Owls Cleveland.
  2. But I see a 4-6 record in store for the Smoky Bears this year. Possibly 3-7. Everyone makes the playoffs anyways. LoL
  3. I am excited for this year. More excited to see what the coaching staff can fit together this year. I don't mine going 0-10. Although I would be sad. As long as I see a positive future ahead and the program fights and gives there all every minute of the contest.
  4. You are absolutely correct. I hope that Lingo and the coaches promoted the program well in the hallways at school. That's where alot of it starts. Selling the program in the hallways.
  5. Yes it was a surprise but they had some good players. They lost a bunch from last year. And I really don't think there is many tools in woodshed for the Bears this year. That's why I wanted to start this thread to hopefully give the other schools a time to boast and place a flag. It's been awhile since the other schools have seen sunshine being under the shade tree of the Smoky Bears. And I think it could be a year where Lingo could show what a good coach he actually could be. Which I have faith in his system. And he sure is a class act guy from what's on the grapevine.
  6. Coach Meadows being the best coach in the county. Could be a argument in itsself. Lingo does a pretty good job. Guess the verdict will be out by how he Mangages these young kids at Sevier County this year.
  7. And yes I did forget TKA. They are so under the radar I just forgot about them.
  8. Just wondering. Who will hold the banner of county pride this year. Could this be the year where another school of Sevier County be the talk of the talk. Or will the Smoky Bears still be where it is. Seymour , Gatlinburg , Northview Academy , Pigeon Forge. Who is in for the most successful year. I need answers and a booming thread to keep up with. Including I want all Sevier County , Seymour , Gatlinburg , Northview Academy and Pigeon Forge fans to hang and enjoy the confersation of each other. Lets unite and be civil with discussion. I will cheer for any school in Sevier County. Well unless they are playing the Smoky Bears.
  9. Here's to a blessed year. A Cookeville trip nothing wrong with that.
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