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  1. Congrats South Lady Rebels on 5th state championship! Not as many as Brentwood but certainly the gold standard on this end of the state. PS - this says at the very bottom that Hannah has committed to Western Carolina: http://tricitiessports.com/high-school-football-playoff-picture-coming-into-focus-p77342-116.htm
  2. Pretty sure Hannah is a junior this year. Think her older sister was all-state at South when they won AA title two years ago and is a freshman on the team at VT now.
  3. http://www.coacht.com/tennessee/scoreboard/
  4. Can you name ONE D1 VB player from Knox or the entire state for that matter that did not play in high school? OK if it makes it easier some D2 or NAIA names would suffice. I agree with almost everything you say above but without proof that club-only works you are taking a risk. No doubt some college coaches would have some reservations about a player (or their parents) that was not willing to play for their school. Three to four college head VB coaches often attend South's big matches like DB and regionals. All are local, most are D2/NAIA, and some are also involved with club, but it happens. My daughter ended up at one mostly due to getting noticed then instead of a club tourney. Of course if it weren't for club she probably wouldn't have been worth watching.
  5. Starters still in the game with a 30-pt lead and 3 minutes left. Sounds like the respect issue goes well beyond the PG.
  6. I'm guessing she was still in the gameto make their full court press more effective.
  7. Losing top teams during regionals hurts but one of the top 5 or 6 volleyball teams in the state is elminated every year in DISTRICT tourney in 11AAA.
  8. Someone needs to go to Crockett feeder schools and start a program with 4th/5th grade girls. It will take time and someone to catch them at the middle school level, but in 6 or 7 years you will see it pay off on the high school floor. I've seen it happen at 3 different high schools. And, while it may help some, one or two years of daddy ball from even a well intentioned parent won't be enough. Or, you could sit back and wait for Science Hill to go downhill since Joe took his act to Erwin. Yes, Keith was helping Joe in JC and could keep it going but don't know if he wants to do this, too.
  9. Brentwood-Ravenwood play tonight for state volleyball championship and on the football field. Which will have the bigger crowd? This shouldn't happen.
  10. Here's a link to the local take on yesterday and today: http://www.timesnews.net/article/9069061/south-volleyball-team-advances-to-state-finals Sounds like HF is going to "take it to them." knightsfan, in the 9 years I've been watching TN HS VB I've only seen 3 other OH's that hit like #9: Brentwood's OH in '06, DB's Devine in '10, and Ravenwood's Hutson. Sounds like you've got a good one, too.
  11. A best of 3 win in an early season weekend tourney in Knoxville means nothing at this time of the season. Likewise, pulling off the comeback win today guarantees nothing tomorrow except that South WILL be playing tomorrow. HF wants a South rematch, too. Pretty late to be switching positions but depending on the situation may be worth a shot.
  12. Finally twitter confirms South won over CAK in the the 5th (15-12?) after being down 2-0 to advance to the AA championship game. Not easy to do.
  13. Last twitter feed said South won 3 & 4 to go to five. So South won the fifth?
  14. From a South twitter feed CAK wins first two over South 25-20, 25-22.
  15. TSSAA site says South lost 1st set to H-F then won next 3. Did you find the hitters knightsfan? It is double elimination so you may have another shot at it.
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