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  1. ok purple, here it is, quoted from this post. It's on the first page of this thread in bold print no less. Also, the things I stated are not generalities, they are specific, literal things that have happened. Perhaps it is you that is too uninformed about this situation to comment.
  2. Note the quotation marks. They denote that the word was used previously. But since you asked, he cheats, he lies, there is no transparency with the finances, people are yelling at him at the board meetings, and people want nothing to do with anything he has a hand in. Sounds pretty "toxic" to me.
  3. It appears Bowers and his supporters have a lot (or very little, whatever the case may be) in common with him. The "toxic" environment has been created by Ben and no one else. I have been around wrestling for a fair amount of time and things have never been like this before. As a matter of fact, I have seen any organization in this kind of shape. It is not "toxic" for people who have had enough of him to speak up and say so. It seems a large percentage of the people who have had any dealing with him do not want any more (and most of them seem to only want to be give their kids a chance to wrestle). So, either everyone who knows him is absolutely crazy or this dude is the only "toxic" part of the deal. If no one want to be around you or even deal with you then it probably ain't everyone else. It's you. Any person with an ounce of integrity or pride would not continue to try and do a job they are obviously incapable of. Apply Occam's Razor and tell me the solution.
  4. Sounds like a great idea and I hope it works, but my bet is that he won't go for it. It is important to understand that a lot of what drives Bowers is to be perceived as important. He wants to be seen as being in charge and in control. It makes him feel like he is somebody if he thinks he is getting accolades for something that kids are actually accomplishing (I know, weird and sad right). And yes, before anyone gets their panties in a wad, these things have come out of his mouth. It is not hearsay or slander.
  5. AHHHHH! The double edged sword of dominance.
  6. If the things that are said are true, how is that bashing? If one doesn't want to be held publicly accountable to a standard of decency and honor then that person should not ask for a public job where one is accountable to a constituency. If one runs for a public office or position then that makes them inherently open to public criticism, and when that person's constituents believe the job is not being done appropriately then it is their duty to air their concerns. While in his current position, Bowers has publicly lied and cheated (little kids no less), and is now trying to rip them off. Therefore he is subject to be held accountable in a public forum. If you can justify his actions, please do so. If not, then don't be shocked that when he called down the thunder and he got the lighting along with it.
  7. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention the guy is a liar and a cheater.
  8. What a joke. Bowers is the clear problem and if he is one of the "coaches" that is a bigger joke. His knowledge about wrestling is worse than his ability to deal with people and communicate (which is saying a heck of A LOT).
  9. $300 bucks just wasn't enough to support Bowers' trip. Come on guys!! get on board.
  10. Where are you quoting this statistic from? How about the statistical analysis that the guy who gets the first take down is simply a better wrestler most of the time, and that when two quality kids meet this "statistic" is no longer applicable?
  11. So.......should we be expecting you guys to sign up for the Bradley tournament this weekend any moment? Got to support the state!!
  12. But if I make people ask me for my blessing, it makes me important, and God knows I want people to think I'm important! I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and dog gonnnit, people like me.
  13. SInce the answer to every question is to call, I'll attempt to answer. It appears that in order to force kids to wrestle in TWF events, Bowser has come up with some new bylaws that require attendance in TN events to go wrestle by using the "All athletes who meet ...., any existing state qualifying procedures". Rumor has it that kids will have to wrestle in the TWF state to be eligible for Fargo. I'm curious, however, to know what will be done if kids refuse to go. Will TWF sell TN's spots to other states and not allow TN kids to go? Will those kids be allowed a release to compete with another state? Is TWF going to punish kids because adults refuse to deal with another adult that they find deplorable and dishonest? So many questions, so little time
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