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  1. I can honestly say that DB will be taken to the wood shed by Bradley next week,if tribe fans are fired up by the performance friday night,you are either blind or stupid or both.That DB team I saw tonight is no where near a championship caliber team,period.And if I or anybody else has to go into detail or explain that to any of you,then go wonder.why DB usually one and done,or 2 and done ever year.Its late,im tired...I check in tomorrow,but people get a reality check.
  2. big quinn is on twatter,not the younger lil quinn....dad runs that mouth better than any kid could dream of!! quinn is not playing,I promise
  3. quinn,manning and 2 starting linebackers arent playing,plus 1 defensive tackle and owl kicker could be out, Dobs win big 62-0 maybe worse
  4. This game could be all over the place.....owls could win by 2-3 tds or get beat by 5 tds or it could a nail bitter.Who knows what owl team shows up.
  5. boo raderz will win 1st rd game,probably knocked out in 2nd,BUT I WOULDNT BE SHOCKED to see em playing in 3rd somewhere,though.
  6. looks like owls going to Dobbins,if they beat heritage
  8. Battling for a playoff spot and ailgnent.This game could go either way,owls are just banged up on both sides of the ball. If owls play like they did vs rebels,they win,if they are running on fumes raiders will walk all over them.
  9. Ooltewah played tough start to finish,Maryville had more than Ooltewah did.Rebels QB had a good game and owls #13 Manning had a good game as well.Rebels top RB was out and owls had at least 4 out on defense,(which probably wouldnt have made a difference),if I heard pre game correctly.Anyway might end up running into each other again,if both around for 3rd rd of playoffs? Owls will probably not get past 2nd round on road,but who knows.
  10. MANNING is eating them alive offense and defense.he should have 3 TDs, but fell short twice
  11. OOLTEWAH will dominate, the score will be what ever owls let it be.50/60-7?
  12. Owls could be undefeated(BUT THEY ARE NOT),They will destroy the out manned,out gunned- hurricanes by how many points the want.I hope owls use everyone they can,(except their lazy,mouthy RB).I will be a little south of hooterville,but will keep track thru coachT. owls 55-0
  13. #13 best receiver in area!!!! One of best grabs ever for TD
  14. Like I said owlz defense CANNOT stop anybody (usually it's the run game),but tonight owlz secondary is being shredded on basic pass plays,they look lost.greene better figure it out or it's an L, because the play calling for the owls is a joke, everybody knows it, same crap every game every thing to short side of field, passing and running is sideline to sideline.,. and you keep running #3 inside now he's hurt.
  15. IF?...if it is a rain soaked game and it turns into a crap shoot.Owls have the superior running game with speed,veteran o-line,but Ooltewah cant stop anybody running the ball.Passing will not be a factor for either team.if its close Bradley wins 21-18.If owls can run and pass equally ooltewah wins running away 35-21.
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