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  1. Please add. Lexie Randolph pitcher- Gordonsville going to Maryville College
  2. Grace is good BUT Layce went 1 for 4 against Gville in substrate game so she isn't as invincible as u make her out to be.....
  3. Superfish


    Scores correct BUT FCS only had 11 hits and 2 errors Gville had 8 hits including 2 homers and 4 errors
  4. GVILLE TIGERS 40-3 I believe just about everyone scored EXCEPT King!!!!
  5. wow... glad u got all that out of your system...I really hate that u got on here and called kids names NOT COOL We dont need your GATE $$$$ PPl were putting decals in the urinals when i played ball in high school 30 years ago FYI our region with those 2 little WEAK teams TCHS and FCS is one of the strongest in the state I hope u feel better after ur big BLOW OFF
  6. true but hopefully they wont figure that out for about 3 more weeks!!!
  7. totally agree Patterson is good hear some grumbling down in possum town cause they r running and NOT passing to him MORE...
  8. I agree it was the right call but the refs make it look bad when they wait to throw the flag UNTIL the receiver stands up and throws up his hands Why do they do that? Just make the call...
  9. well thats pretty routine over there if u got the RIGHT last name u run the show!!! Sad but true....
  10. looking at fcs stats obviously they r gonna run the ball at us alot more than throw and the fav receiver seems to be Patterson
  11. well the OC was SELF appointed so there u go????
  12. Yea i definately thought the flags took alot of wind out of our sails... we had 95 penalty yards and they had 45 Cody had a bout 173 yards
  13. I agree with the total lack of discipline shown by 2 of the players on the gville team... This starts at the top..Moose has to shut them up and teach them to respect coaches teamates and opponents..It is embarassing as a tiger fan On the offense-same ole thing I thought with the NEW offensive coordinator play calling would improve but NOPE U know what though-it would have been great to win HOWEVER the games they need to be prepping and working toward are yet to come...
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