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    MBA at MUS

    New season for MBA with Freshman QB.
  2. Is there any contact information available for the thssca All-Star game? My sone played last-night in the game and was honored with the MVP award. He will be playing soccer for Sewanee this fall and Coach Pacella has him for a picture receiving the award of the field. I am trying to find the name(s) of anyone taking official pics. Thanks for any help. - Todd
  3. MBA will see both school in a tough 2-week run. The outcome will determine the DII-AA East/Middle seeding and probable State Champion as the West seems down this year.
  4. A bounce away? Unless that bounce would have led to 2 goals they were more that a bounce away from the Championship match. If McCallie is unable to get it done this year they will be in the wilderness for a while...MBA is youngish with only 4 seniors. However, the junior class is ten deep and loaded with three and four year veterans who know how to beat McCallie. We are looking forward to making the McCallie bus trips back to Chattanooga (from Nashville and then from Murfreesboro) long indeed. Roll Red
  5. Way to go CPA! Keep the Trophies in Middle TN. I wish BGA had also won.... then it would have been the year of the 'Academies' (with MBA also winning). ha
  6. ES, You have single-handedly changed my entire attitude towards Ensworth.... until Football Season! ha Thanks for the kind words. Coach Cheevers was really driven this year to get MBA to the championship game.
  7. Montgomery Bell Academy - Your 2015 DII-AA State Champions MBA finished off Christian Brothers 3-0 to earn Coach Cheevers his first state championship. https://flic.kr/p/tnM5fx
  8. BHS won on Kicks over Ravenwood.
  9. I heard that the BGA leading scorer is sitting out a red card received against Webb (BB). Evidently he punched a Webb player? How long is the suspension?
  10. Ha, I will say that soccer is the superior sport but soccer fans can learn a lot on the art of trash talking from football (American) and LAX fans. {A for effort} And this is truly a dispassionate opinion...I do not know anyone associated with either program... I just got a kick from reading the banter. Carry on!
  11. MBA and BGA tied is a great match-up last night @ MBA. It was a very physical game from the whistle with MBA having the lion share of possession and shots until the 7 minute mark in the second half. Then MBA seemed to wear a bit and the mo' began to shift to BGA. Awesome game environment on a Friday night with packed stands and soccer weather.
  12. Sounds good, I fwd your message to Coach Cheevers @ MBA.
  13. I was able to catch the FRHS v Oak Ridge and the CPA v Farragut (1st half) Games on Friday @ Farragut. I was impressed with Oak Ridge and thought they outplayed FRHS despite losing 1-0. Oak Ridge's # 9 and #12 played well. I am not sure how CPA fared as it was 0-0 when we left but it was a physical game and both teams were moving the ball up and down.
  14. Great news for Middle Tennessee soccer. Will Emerson (Junior, CB, TSC) accepted Stanford University's offer and will sign with the Cardinals' soccer program next year. This year MBA's Andrew Conwell signed with the University of Washington. Hopefully this will bring some additional scouting to the area.
  15. How did the CPA and FRHS scrimmage go last night?
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