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  1. Boone has to sustain long drives in order to win this game. Keep the Central offense on the sidelines and they will have have a chance. Unfortunately Central and their speed will be too much for the Blazers. Boone 14 Central 45
  2. Boone passing defense is suspect to say the least. If Central can sling the ball at least halfway decent then this game will be a blowout. Hopefully Jenkins and company scheme all week to figure out how to sustain long drives and keep the Central offense on the sidelines.
  3. Rematch of round 1 last year. Gonna be tough for Boone to pull this off after what I have read about Knox Central. Thoughts...
  4. Cole is injured. Was confirmed on Monday. Not gonna disclose the injury, just hope he plays.
  5. Nope, I'm super happy for Crockett and Daniel Boone both. I would love to see a gold ball come back to Washington County, i just know it won't. I was just making an observation of your post and asking what teams you've seen play. Your response tells me you've only seen the competition around here in the Tri-Cities. Just trying to help you put down the Crockett Kool-Aid.
  6. Stockton, So have you seen OR, Fulton, or Henry County play? You've stated Crockett is the best passing team you've seen. What teams have you watched to make that analysis? You're gonna be deeply disappointed when Crockett goes up against those teams. The Gold Ball will not be coming back to upper East Tn unfortunately in 5A. Only team bringing a state championship back to Northeast Tennessee is Greeneville
  7. Word is Cole is banged up. Boone won't go far without Charlie. Do not see Boone, DC, or Tn High making it past the second round. This whole area has fared awful against Knoxville teams. Hopefully I'm wrong.
  8. D-Sharp might be able to find his way back to Boone.... they have been having some quarterback trouble this year.
  9. Actually the names Drew Edwards and i go to all the Boone games. I have seen the team play this summer and they will surprise alot of teams so Jason Rock, why dont you back up your smack talk on the court this year instead of riding the pine.
  10. 1st- Science Hill 2nd- D-B 3rd- Daniel Boone 4th- TN High 5th- Sullivan East 6th- Sullivan Central 7th- Volunteer 8th- Sullivan South 9th- Crockett Player of the year..... Keith Cradic or Issac Snapp
  11. What does eveyone have to bring this year ?
  12. Cameron Jaretts injury wasnt a cramp. His knee had popped out of socket like ithad done inpractice 2 weeks ago. Wasnt a cramp. HIs season is over.
  13. Central hasnt been a problem for boone in the past two years so why would this year change...while talking to Cameron jarett today he told me that the doctors released him to play and that he is going to try to start running on the knee again today and slowly make his way back by next week.He said he is going to try to get back and play some by next weeks game at volunteer. Let me tell you something with cameron jarett and mitchell masters being in the backfield, it wont just be central looking out, it will be the whole northeast tennessee watching out.
  14. Plain and simple...Elizabethon has no heart when they step out on the field and they dont even look like a team..a team isnt just one person its 50 players all with their heads screwed on
  15. Boone did very impressive last night. Eric Moody ripped Greenevilles D-line apart. Did anyone see the three big plays that free safety Nick Jones made? I think Daniel boones student section gave a little boost and enthusiam in the team last night. All in all Boone prevailed, Mitchell was a tank and ran right over there D. Just be happy greene devil fans it would have been even worse if Cameron Jarett was in the backfield.
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