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  1. How do you make mental errors in a ONE HUNDRED?? Anyway.... Gentlemen, It's been a fun ride. I've loved getting to know each of you over the past year-plus, and I love the fraternity of a/aa distance runners which we have created. It's really great to know that at almost any time I can pick up my phone and call or text any of you for various things, and all of you give me the time of day. I look forward to seeing the results from State--I'm going to be on my senior class trip in Florida, unfortunately(I'd rather be at State!)--so make me proud, boys. I'm pretty much done on CoachT. I'm done with high school athletics and there's no reason for me to continue to post on a High School message board as a collegiate athlete. Signing off, Will Musto/werner
  2. The Walker Valley meet was not FAT, it was hand timed. I was one of the timers.
  3. werner


    Time to lay a smack down, Jeff?
  4. werner


    Well, I mean, when everyone is either injured or trying to stay under the radar... I'm just saying, trash talking is inevitably coming soon with the post season coming up, and we want to make sure those A/AA threads stay close to the top. I'm also just being satirical.
  5. werner


    Your forums are available at either www.tennesseerunner.com. No offense, but this is the one place where Tennessee runners talk about, y'know, athlete stuff. I don't think anybody minds if coaches post here, but threads where coaches whine about coach stuff...kinda clutters the board.
  6. werner


    /blink.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":blink:" border="0" alt="blink.gif" />
  7. There's no way that actually happens, Musick. I stress fractured my foot just so that I would have an opportunity to train enough in the pool. My coach wouldn't freakin' let me focus on the aquajogging.
  8. werner


    Austin East is notoriously very strong.
  9. werner


    Knoxville area...
  10. I love Ryan, he knows that, but winning all three -- on three different days, even -- is a ridiculous challenge. Why don't we not talk about stuff like that? All it's going to do is get people riled up. I think everybody is riled up enough after cross country season -- we don't need more ###### ammunition for people to think of while they're training. All I'm going to say is there is a lot of depth in A/AA distance this year and talking about anybody going for any sort of "triple crown" is crazy. Word on the street is that you s u c k, by the way. Not as a person, but for bringing this up.
  11. We did an easy 3x1600 today in 5:04, 5:00, 4:55. 90 seconds rest.
  12. Don't sweat it, I doubt anybody would have taken offense.
  13. Don't do it, Matt! Forego the trip to Memphis and come down to my house for a fast, flat ten miler that is less money to enter and closer to your house! Alex Bransford is racing the ten miler. So he obviously sees the light.
  14. Dozier goes to McCallie, but he isn't even their best sprinter. He's a big football player for them, but I dunno about sprinter. Quincy Davis (sophomore) from Howard was runner up in the 100m to only Adrian Bentley at Best of Preps last year as a freshman. He was also fourth place in the 200m. I'd say he'll probably be pretty dominant.
  15. Nah...Baylor only listed the top three in results because it was a little tri meet (maybe quad? I don't remember) and they only scored the top three. There were probably ten runners in the race.
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