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  1. A name to watch for the Injians is Elijah West... he saw some action at QB and SS last week in his return from ACL surgery..... with him under C, Oneida is a completely different team than the one everyone saw on film vs OS and vs York Does his return means Oneida wins? That is not what I am saying but I don't think it'll be the cakewalk pujo thinks either That is my 2C
  2. Go Injians.... This is no gimme for either side guys.... I see another very low scoring affair...could come down to field position---- Im betting the Oneida Speical Teams guys will be working OT this week after their performances Friday night In a close un, Oneida 14-7
  3. A rebuilding Bulldawgs team coming to The Reservation Friday night does not end well for the visitors from The Burg..... Oneida runs early, often, and at will as clock runs in the 2nd half Oneida 49-6
  4. Let me say this and I'll be done.... to those of you "IN THE KNOW" about Oneida FB, shame shame..... easy to hide behind a screen name With that said... Go Injians Oneida 14, HV 7 CoachStiltner
  5. Great ballgame at Harryman last night by both teams.... I saw nothing but hustle from 2 teams eyeing the same prize. I wish nothing but good fortune and luck to Oneida as they earned the right to host and Meigs as they travel! Dish came up big time and again for the Lady Indians on the offensive end.... Like Kaz ahead of me, there were numerous "untouted" heroes for the Lady Indians in the hustle and D category last night. Brooks took the huge charge and was on the court after loose balls too many times to count... Lowe took a couple forearms across the face yet maintained control of the ball.... Boyatt swatted and boarded sevl big time shots.... Thomas with her athletic ability kept Meigs at bay on both ends.... Bert did her thing in the paint to neutralize.... and the pesky 3 of Hutson, Wright, and Newport kept hounding away and tiring down Meigs throughout the night. It wouldnt be complete without mentioning Buttram contributing in her limited time as well. It was truly a TEAM effort from the heart. Meigs came up big time and time again... sorry I don't remember names but 3, 23, and 25 deserve some props as 3 popped big shot after big shot, 25 manned the lane, and 23---well, that girl has game. It was a 12 RD bout....with Oneida winning by the slimmest of margins. Congrats and good luck ladies
  6. Kaz..... Wartburg and Coalfield each won their respective games big on Tuesday night. As for the 4 vs 5, Sunbright goes into Terry L. Hacker gymnasium and pulled off the unthinkable, 50-47.... setting the stage for Friday night. You were right my friend... Yaden had his girls ready to play See yall Friday at The Burg....
  7. I see Oneida excised the demons of OS past last night on The Reservation 69-36........ and meanwhile in Decatur, Greenback was busy scalping the Tigers 60-57 Things and results that make you go hmmmmm....... District tourney play and the Region that ensues out to be interesting to watch play out!
  8. For all the marbles at Wartburg.... in about 9 hours, we'll see who can earn top honors in District 4A..... I know the district SEMI and CSHIPs are at Wartburg per the norm but who is hosting the region this year?
  9. Cloudland 47, Robbins 5 Mary Hughes 54, Fairview 18 Don't know other 2 girls scores
  10. I believe it'll be Holston over Northview Happy Valley over Wartburg Thus.... it'll be an all Area 1 FINAL match up
  11. Outta be a dandy slobber knocker on The Reservation... a FG is the difference! Injians 17, Wave 14
  12. I for one, as do many others, know that the field at GP could be a total quagmire without the benefit of any rain....I can't imagine what a little rain would do to that field!!! Just ask any member of the MAVs from a few years back in the play-offs.....so here's hoping for plenty of sunshine, or else you could be parking your cars on the baseball field, and then wading through the mud on the football field
  13. Coach Tony Lambert will have a daughter that's a freshman, a son in the 7th grade, and another son in the 3rd grade next year so..... Sincerely, In The Know
  14. Jim, In 4A, the seeds posted on page are correct after the games played out on Friday!! GIRLS 1. Oliver Springs 10-0 2. Coalfield 8-2 3. Oneida 6-4 4. Oakdale 4-6 5. Wartburg 2-8 6. Sunbright 0-10 BOYS 1. Oliver Springs 9-1 2. Wartburg 8-2 3. Oneida 7-3 4. Sunbright 4-6 5. Oakdale 2-8 6. Coalfield 0-10 The higher seeded team will host throughout the tournament at 7pm as there is no neutral site per a 4-2 district vote of the athletic directors.
  15. DISTRICT 4A **HIGHer seed will host throughout the tournament GIRLS 1. Oliver Springs 9-0 2. Coalfield 7-2 3. Oneida 6-3 4. Oakdale 4-5 5. Wartburg 2-8 6. Sunbright 0-10 Tournament Tuesday, February 17 6 Sunbright @ 3 Oneida 5 Wartburg @ 4 Oakdale Friday, February 20 Oneida / Sunbright winner @ 2 Coalfield Oakdale / Wartburg winner @ 1 Oliver Springs Monday, February 23 Consolation & Championship games (site and time TBD) BOYS 1. Oliver Springs 9-0 2. Wartburg 8-2 3. Oneida 6-3 4. Sunbright 4-6 5. Oakdale 1-8 6. Coalfield 0-9 **If Coalfield beats Oakdale on Friday night Coalfield moves to 5 via coin toss winner Tournament Thursday, Feb. 19 6 Coalfield @ 3 Oneida 5 Oakdale @ 4 Sunbright Saturday, Feb. 21 Oneida / Coalfield winner @ 2 Wartburg Sunbright / Oakdale winner @ 1 Oliver Springs Tues, Feb. 24 Consolation / C'Ship games (sites and time TBD)
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