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  1. Jackets got too conservative way too soon. Played not to lose instead of to win. Hats off to HC. Took advantage of the breaks when they got them.
  2. Springfield will be in there too right?
  3. Springfield is playing lights out on defense right now, so this should be a great game!
  4. Nice win Jackets! Momentum turned is Springfield's favor, they seized it and never looked back. I thought the Jackets defense was lights out, except for the play right before half. Prayers for the injured CW player. Looked bad on TV.
  5. Has Greenbrier had a first down in first half? The field is terrible. Nobody can keep their footing.
  6. I know the west side is weaker and all, but 4 straight semi finals appearances and 2-3 championship games would say that the Jackets have a pretty good program too!
  7. Different take here. This is the premier matchup in 4A for us fans, but the Springfield coaches don't really care about polls and ranking. Wilson is notorious for resting kids in meaningless non region games, the last several times we've played Beech come to mind. It wouldn't surprise me one bit, to see a lot of backups for the Jackets. I'm not saying they wouldn't like to win, but I think staying healthy and building quality depth for the late season will be the priority in my opinion. I could see it last night against WH, lots of sophomores playing lots of snaps on D early and often last night.
  8. First time seeing the Jackets in person. I'm sold on the offense! Don't see anyone in the region slowing that offense down, we'll see if someone can put up enough points to hang. Why is #21 still out? He was one of our best weapons last year! Hurt? In the doghouse? They will be scary if Boyd comes back. For once I think WH has played some decent teams in non-region games in FRA and Trousdale. I think it pays off and they finish 3rd in the region.
  9. I didn't think this would be a blowout. If nobody scores this half my prediction will be right on. I don't know why we keep giving it to WH on the 50. I think BDP makes the playoffs though. Some tough kids.
  10. I think this one is a little closer than people think. 31-13 Jackets. I am pumped to see the game in person for the first time this year!
  11. A lot has been made of the coaching staff at Springfield. Has anyone else noticed that Jo Byrns has taken a huge nose dive in recent years. I mean JBS went to several title games and gave Trousdale all they wanted one year. Now they are losing to powerhouses like Clay County. I wonder how much is talent drop off. and how much of it is because Drew Wilson left and went to Springfield. I am sure he would be a great head coach somewhere, but it awesome to have both Wilson brothers coaching at Springfield.
  12. I really have no idea who will win this game. Clearly the last time Springfield was there, Greeneville was one of the best teams regardless of class, and Springfield was totally outmatched. I know that game has nothing to do with this one, other than I don't see this Jackets teams getting run off the field. If this game is close late, anything can happen. I never dreamed Springfield would be here this year, but somehow they always seem to find away.
  13. That's what is so hard to describe about this years team...on paper they're not as "talented" as years past. But the game isn't played on paper. This team just grinds, plays really hard, and finds ways to win. I agree this is the coaching staffs best job so far. Now that they are here, who knows what could happen!
  14. Springfield actually has the opposite problem. Lots of kids that live in Springfield are bussed out to the county schools. But we will show up with the boys we have and let the chips fall where they may.
  15. Creekwood doesn't have much of a punter, or else he had a really off night. That was one of the deciding factors in ths Springfield game. 12 yard punts aren't gonna cut it.
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