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  1. I really have no idea who will win this game. Clearly the last time Springfield was there, Greeneville was one of the best teams regardless of class, and Springfield was totally outmatched. I know that game has nothing to do with this one, other than I don't see this Jackets teams getting run off the field. If this game is close late, anything can happen. I never dreamed Springfield would be here this year, but somehow they always seem to find away.
  2. That's what is so hard to describe about this years team...on paper they're not as "talented" as years past. But the game isn't played on paper. This team just grinds, plays really hard, and finds ways to win. I agree this is the coaching staffs best job so far. Now that they are here, who knows what could happen!
  3. Springfield actually has the opposite problem. Lots of kids that live in Springfield are bussed out to the county schools. But we will show up with the boys we have and let the chips fall where they may.
  4. Creekwood doesn't have much of a punter, or else he had a really off night. That was one of the deciding factors in ths Springfield game. 12 yard punts aren't gonna cut it.
  5. This one could go either way. Gut feeling is the Jackets strength of schedule pays off. MC will not be the best team Springfield has seen, but are probably the best team MC has played. Jackets pull away late.
  6. This region is very balanced. I could see a 2 or three teams tied at the top each with 2 losses. Greenbrier beating WHH really surprised me. Springfield is pretty good, but not as good as the last several years. Haven't seen MC, Portland, or CW yet but all 3 seem to be pretty good. Gonna be interesting
  7. 43-42. Appears the bobcats aren't dead after all.
  8. This region is crazy! MC beats CW, and Greenbrier beats WHH. What?
  9. This region is wide open this year. I think Springfield is down a little this year, and several teams look to be improved. I can guarantee WHH isn't last!
  10. Just heard they are moving game to Jackson Christian. Anyone confirm?
  11. I am a teacher as well, I guess I am as well. Thanks for your support of education!
  12. The "only difference" ??? That's huge...that's why Alcoa, and Maryville can win state championships every freaking year! They never have rebuilding years. Can you imagine if all the best talent in Nashville could choose where they want to go play? Heck even in Robertson County we've had 3 different teams make the championship game in 3 classes in the last 10-15 years. I guess every school is open zoned by your definition, if you don't see a difference I can't help you. I'm done back to the game at hand.
  13. Not the same at all. Nearly all school systems will allow out of county students for a fee, including Metro Nashville. The policy you quoted says students can apply to attend Robertson County schools not Springfield specifically, there are 5 high schools in the county. Students who live in Robertson county have to go where they are zoned, so not open zoned. Blount County school policy, for example, says students can attend the school of their choosing provided administrators sign off, and they provide their own transportation. Robertson, Sumner, Davidson and most other school systems in the area do not allow this. As was stated earlier it takes an act of God for anyone to be granted an out of zone request inside the county. I am happy with the state of Springfield football. Even if they only had 20 kids come out for football, you can bet they would be well coached and play hard. But what the the open zoned schools have is definitely an advantage.
  14. Definitely not cheating, just a big time advantage.
  15. The 3 "dynasty" teams I mentioned, among others, are open zones. Anybody who is willing to make the drive can play. The out of zone "tuition" is minuscule when compared to the private school's 10-20k tuition. In other words you don't have to live there to play there. They can draw on the best players in the area. Not sure about Haywood, but Springfield, and lots of public schools don't have this luxury.
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