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  1. Need to add the below to the list of DI commits. Gervacio Gonzalez - CBHS - United States Naval Academy
  2. It is interesting that you say it isn't headed in the right direction. Let's expand on that, or at least give you the opportunity to. They didn't accomplish what I am willing to bet that they hoped to do this year... I am guessing they set goals of winning conference and having X qualifiers and Y AA's. So fair and easy to evaluate performance for this year. However, you stated that they aren't headed in the right direction. That implies a trend. How are you evaluating their direction? What is the trend you are seeing that defines the direction they are headed? Interested to see what you are feeling there are even better what you have looked at / analyzed to say it. From my mind, I think we have to look at trend of performance since this coaching staff has taken over. How have the relevant metrics trended? Maybe the harder to measure question here is on the less tangible effects... what is the team culture like now, how are they on the academic side, etc.? They should get a pass on first year or so as they establish culture, bring in recruits, clear those that don't fit, etc. I always say most coaches need at least 4 years to evaluate... some can turn it around sooner but let them get a group they bring in and time to change existing culture. I am certainly not an apologist for the staff, etc. but I am interested to hear real, meaningful conversation from TN wrestling community on UTC's performance.
  3. If you are going to bash an entire program at least get your facts correct. It has not been 22 years since the last AA. The topic itself bears a bigger discussion than I can give time to now but I would not say that they are the joke of NCAA wrestling. I believe there are some other programs doing worse... that said I am sure that the coaching staff has expectations and a plan to improve. I think the standard that UTC should be targeting from a support, recruiting, and developing is winning the SoCon but gaps to close there for sure.
  4. They met early in the year at Black Horse. Gervacio came away with a 9-1 win in the semi-finals before going on to get a fall in the finals. I would say both of those guys really found strides at the end of the year as Gonzalez was able to turn around his earlier lose to Alvarez at Kansas City and beat him 2x (state and national preps) with bigger stakes on the line and Chew clearly coming through for his title. Given that they both met early this year and both showed strong improvement signs, I am sticking with Gervacio to win that match again. Then again I have some bias in there but like to think I can be pretty objective.
  5. Hamm, glad to see you picked up the mantle to punch some of these out this year. I certainly won't cast any stones since I don't have the time to do them like I used to. We should be able to shake things out a little more soon on the DII picture.
  6. Dalrymple won in OT vs Boarman. I believe Walthall lost versus Ervin. Not sure I caught some of the other results. Haven't seen anything formal posted yet.
  7. Probably a very interesting statement about where TN wrestling is currently at on the national scene, though obviously not a really fair sample. Taking a look at the kids mentioned here... Hilton - one of TN's best youth wrestlers, trained in TN all his youth career (between mid-TN and Cleveland), last training in an environment at Cleveland that has produced plenty of quality wrestlers, leaves to head to Wyoming Sem to wrestle Chittum - top prospect to come out of the state in a long time, wraps his HS career early even with lots of movement on his classification year. Bounced around a ton in career and not wrestling in TN much (2 years of his active competition, 8th grade and SO / JR seasons depending on how you classified it). Garriques - only wrestler that is competing in TN this year from this list and did his youth wrestling in IL before boarding at Baylor I will also add in the below: Herring - places 8th at 113, now wrestling for Bishop McCourt in PA as well... essentially repeat everything I said about Hilton above for him expect sub CBHS for Cleveland. Interesting to see if this is a blip or if we start to see more of the trend of TN having trouble keeping its best talent home as they find other places to wrestle. Not a unique problem to TN either. Seeing this lots in the SE recently with kids headed to Blair, Wyoming Seminary, etc. for the richer grounds in PA / National Preps.
  8. With the final round about to start TN has two JR Greco All-Americans. Dayne Dalrymple (CBHS) - in finals at Junior 132 Ashton Davis (Cleveland) - wrestling for third Junior 220 Congratulations to both athletes on a strong showing so far, let's hope both can go out on a win.
  9. 65kg is only men's freestyle weight not yet qualified. If JO wants to be an Olympian it is in his hands now. Interesting to see what the field will look like. There are two Greco weights yet to qualify. All of the women's weights are qualified. Also, should be interesting to see if it is truly the end of an era for Burroughs or not. I wouldn't write him off completely yet, he has said he isn't done. Wouldn't count him out in the future at either... always possible Dake slides back up to 79 kg in the non-Olympic years as well.
  10. Interesting tidbit of trivia from the tournament. Evan Anthony from CBHS ends his career as a 4x finalst, 1x champ. Every lose he took in the finals was to an eventual 4 or 5 time champ. L Whitworth, L Horst, W Marchetti, L Taylor (great match). I don't think that happens too often.
  11. Agreed, great tournament for Moktani. Would have been nice to see Pullen from Collierville who beat him in region finals in this bracket as well. Shame he had issues with first opponent, the scale.
  12. Surprised no mention of Brown (Blackman) over Cockman (Arlington) at 160 in here yet.
  13. Going to be some very good finals this evening. Not sure what others think but i know I look forward to the following in terms of match quality: 126, 152, 160, 182 Many kids I am excited to see close out their careers this evening.
  14. He is very solid, went OT with Bowers at regionals as well.
  15. Yeah that was the biggest upset in R1 for sure. Unfortunately a lot of this 220 group struggles to stay consistently on their offense. I think whichever one stays offensive the most today will likely walk away on the top step.
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