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  1. Yeah I think Hamm is going to have to throw out some harder trivia. And I think the answer to CBG's question is not many have had the opportunity. You would probably need to look for any that have gone from small school to DII and vice versa.
  2. My first thought would probably be Notre Dame.
  3. All, We are happy to invite you down to Memphis, TN for our 12th annual Mayhem in Memphis tournament on Saturday November 9th. Each year we have been lucky to see the number of high-level (national place winning) wrestlers continue to increase... we expect the same again this year. The previous few years we were just shy of 300 wrestlers. The good news is that several clubs who couldn't attend last year are slated to be back this year and we are expecting our numbers to continue to grow. We had great competition with 7 states represented last year: Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennessee. We plan to continue our tradition of running a strong tournament that flows smoothly and offers competition for wrestlers of every level. The brackets will be split into beginner and advanced groups where numbers allow. This allows your newer wrestlers to get quality mat time at the right level and your more experienced wrestlers to get mat time against other quality competition. This tournament provides a great warm-up for the upper-level wrestlers headed to the Tulsa Kick-Off the next week. All registration will be handled via TrackWrestling. Full details are in the flyer text included below. Don't hesitate to call or write with any questions. We look forward to seeing you on the mat soon. 2019 12th Annual Mayhem in Memphis Youth Wrestling Tournament Saturday, November 9, 2019 Christian Brothers High School 5900 E. Walnut Grove Memphis, TN 38104 Our goal is to give each wrestler the maximum amount of mat time against the appropriate level of competition. Great tune-up before higher level competition (Tulsa Kick-off) or introduction for beginners. Entry Fee: $15.00 per wrestler payable online during registration. Deadline: 8PM CST Thursday November 7, 2019. Late registration is $25.00 per wrestler. Coaches and wrestlers must have a current USAW card. Additional division registration $10.00 per wrestlers, please contact tournament director concerning these registrations. Registration: Online at TrackWrestling as Mayhem in Memphis XII (direct link below) http://unapproved website/registration/TW_Register.jsp?tournamentGroupId=160271132 For difficulties with online registration send email to [email protected]; please include wrestler’s name, DOB, club name, USAW Card #, division(s), and weight(s). Format: We will attempt to separate beginner and advanced brackets to optimize competition where possible. USA Wrestling 2020 Age Divisions and Weights (September 1, 2019 to August 31, 2020) Double Elimination with Round Robin brackets with less than 8 wrestlers 6U, 8U, 10U, and 12U - periods will be 1-1-1 12U - periods will be 1.5-1.5-1.5 14U and 16U 2-2-2 (no high school wrestlers allowed) *Ages and weights may be combined (with coach approval) where numbers necessitate Schedule: First Session – 6U, 8U, and 12U wrestling will begin at 9AM Second Session – 10U, 14U, and 16U wrestling will begin at 2PM Weigh-Ins: 1) Friday 6 PM to 8 PM (All Wrestlers) 2) Saturday 7AM to 8AM (First Session Wrestlers Have Priority) 3) Saturday Noon to 1PM (Second Session) Wrestlers must weigh-in and make weight; there is a $10.00 bracket change fee for wrestlers who do not make registered weight. Weight changes can be made until the close of registration. Skin Screen: Athletes must submit to a skin disease screening prior to weigh-in. The chief medical officer has full authority without appeal in determining the eligibility of an athlete to compete. Awards: Trophies for 1st, medals 2nd through 4th (bracket for Champions), and OW awards for each division. Overall team award for team with most team points scored using 2 point scorers per age division. Admissions: $5.00 Adults, $3.00 Students/Children, $10.00 Family For more information, questions, etc. please contact the Tournament Director: Garrett House [email protected] (901)-289-3795
  4. Sounds like TN teams have had multiple kids place at least a time or two other than Boom Ranch / Higher Calling this year. Not to mention the fact that Wave Wrestling Club had two wrestlers place this year as well in the middle school division! Sam Herring and Jack Branson both wrestle for Wave Wrestling Club. Congrats to Cooper, he had a great tournament. Great run for him dating back to at least USAW Kids FS & GR Nationals.
  5. Good to see that Baylor will continue to recruit... no surprise that they are continuing to nab kids out of GA. Just continuing that recent trend. I believe McCallie also picked up some help this year as well. Not sure how much help freshmen middle to upper-weights will be in their first year of high school (Alvarez, Faulk) on the national level... that is usually a pretty big adjustment. Usually see kids like that pay more dividends a little later in the career, at least at the national level. I would probably wait and see how they do before proclaiming that Baylor will push into a top 10 national spot. I would imagine that they have success in state this year to a degree given the relative clearing out of some of those weights in DII but these are guys who did lose matches at the middle school level last season. Corday was solid last year, remember him giving Dalrymple and Bond close matches at Kansas City. I would definitely see him as a title threat in DII at that weight this year, particularly with I assume most of last year's top end kids in the bottom two weights moving past 113.
  6. That would be correct. The only multiple time "Fargo" placers in the Junior division for TN are Tommy Brackett, Matt Keller, and Cooper Flynn. - Bracket was actually a 3x placer in Jr Greco (2016, 2017, 2018) - Keller was a 2x placer in JR freestyle (2000 & 2002). - Flynn is the first ever TN wrestler to place in both styles at the JR level in the same year... he is actually the first ever to place in both styles at all while representing TN.
  7. You could certainly say they are the first 4 time Cadet AA’s.
  8. Actually I believe our first 4xAA at Fargo was Michael Murphy (Baylor School): 2012 Cadet Greco 7th 2013 Cadet Free 3rd 2013 Cadet Greco 4th 2015 Junior Greco 7th Tate Robinson won 3 while representing TN and at least one, maybe 2, while representing MO. We may have had a couple of other 3xers as well but I didn’t look through the data closely. Bracket was 3 I believe. I know Nick Boykin had his double champ year but can’t remember if he placed past that. Still a great accomplishment by the guys this year. Very good to see us having guys continuing to do it with more consistency.
  9. Really got to learn to check before you make incorrect statements... I already posted this on Facebook when it was claimed but wanted to get it here too so everyone could be aware. Went back and checked my records, it has happened 3 other times where TN HS teams have had 2 individuals in same year 1) Brentwood - 2009 - Cameron Croy & Blake Thomas 2) CBHS - 2010 - Kaleb Baker & Tate Robinson 3) Father Ryan - 2015 - Trey Chalifoux & Eli King I haven't updated my spreadsheet for TN records with 2018 but it didn't happen that year from my recollection. There may have also been a year where Baylor had two but may not have counted for TN with Khamari Whimper since he reprsented GA. My gut feel says he may have overlapped with Murphy or Reiniche one year.
  10. Garrett Bowers is also competing on the Junior squad at I believe 138. He wasn't on the initially registered list because he had to finish taking his SafeSport certifications.
  11. Once again I am going to jump in here and offer you a little help. The Wave Wrestling Club run out of CBHS is inside of 240 (or right on it). We will happily coach kids from anywhere that have an interest in getting started with the sport or continuing their off-season development. I can't even begin to name the number of schools that kids from that club have attended as youth or high school. We have donations of shoes and headgear that kids can use to minimize cost and I can gladly say we have never turned away an individual from the club or an event because they didn't have funds. You talk a lot about needing to find the balance between family and wrestling. Let others in the community help shoulder the burden. No coach has to do it all if folks band together and pool resources. You want to stay involved? Great, come out and help during those practices.
  12. Just wanted to comment on the part I have highlighted above... if you have kids in the Memphis area who want to wrestle at the youth and middle school age there are plenty of clubs out there that would happily include them. Not a good excuse for not getting kids started in the Memphis area due to lack of opportunity.
  13. I think question 2 was already covered pretty well... I watched that match from the railing and I think everyone has covered this spot on. This stuff was pretty blatant and I was surprised Jones wasn't ejected on the second instance. The Cleveland staff certainly expressed their displeasure over his behaviors! I can pass along a viewpoint on some of the issues surrounding question three here. I missed anything that was said form the stands during the 170 match as I was down on the floor area near the stairs and fencing. One of the issues that exacerbated things post-match was the contingent of folks associated with Father Ryan that were down in that area. There were a few FR coaches down there not actively coaching matches but working with athletes coming up or spectating (as there were from several schools). However, there was a group of what I believe to have been mostly former FR wrestlers crowding the area that shouldn't have been down there. I say this because no wristband for floor access, etc. That was a miss on how security is set-up for the event in my opinion. This crowd of both staff and non-staff was gathered around the narrow gate opening that Mason had to come through post match and as he pushed through some shoulders were bumped (not sure if anyone instigated, etc. I couldn't see that) because nobody cleared a path for him. This lead to some hand gestures being made (one by a member of the FR group, I saw that one, not sure about others) and that lead to emotions flaring on both ends and folks needing to be restrained, etc. Most of that simply could have been avoided if folks had the common courtesy to clear out of the way of the wrestlers and give them a clear pathway... this was done in most cases but not following this match. Personally, I think better control of the floor area would have removed a good bit of that crowd and this would have been much less of an issue. I don't think any parties are absolved of issues on this one.
  14. I will be interested to see who attends. I know several who were handing their envelopes to others during the awards ceremony. It is a great idea from a fan perspective... not sure about it from an athlete perspective. If the organizers want it to ever become what they hope then they better buckle down for the long haul and not expect it to live up to expectations the first few years.
  15. As stated earlier the DII bracket is simply a 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3 from each region drawn in so that same region is on opposite sides.
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