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  1. AAASoccer prediction is looking good so far. We could hope for a Williamson County final! As much as I think that would be interesting, one of the two probably won't make it.
  2. AAA results posted on TSSAA. Houston Franklin Ravenwood Farragut
  3. Just wondering if District schedules get posted some place. Would like to catch a playoff game. Schools can always use a little outside support and the annual 11AAA knock each other out may be some good games. Think I've seen 11AAA is at Independence this next week.
  4. Not much detail as I had to leave at half. First half was pretty even back and forth with Franklin getting a few more shots than Brentwood but no goals. Kids that stayed the whole game tell me Franklin was awarded a late PK for foul in the box. These games lose a little of the intensity when you see each other during regular season, then district finals and then region finals knowing both will advance. Mainly playing for bragging rights and home field advantage in Sectionals. Even Sectionals loose a little interest this year as Beech and Hendersonville have not been very competitive to upper District 11 teams. Hendersonville appears to be doing better than early season. I expect Brentwood and Franklin will take care of business at hand in Sectional matches.
  5. RaptorFan

    Ranked Teams

    Welcome to life in tough districts from someone in District 11. Three of our teams that could probably do well against most other teams in our Region 6 and Sectional are out already. Ravenwood, Independence and Centennial. It does make you better.
  6. Sorry about that. Thats what I get for believing the Tennessean. Congrats Independence.
  7. Big night tonight for the numerous seniors on these four teams. 5:00pm at Franklin #3 Brentwood vs #12 Independence (corrected) 7:00pm at Franklin #2 Franklin vs #6 Ravenwood Good luck to all the girls. Two very good teams will stay home after tonight. (Rankings based on mjuhb's post season AAA rank)
  8. Go get em Kathy. You're old Extreme teammates are cheering for you.
  9. Ravenwood 4 Beech 0 Both teams played a good game but Lady Raptors had a few more open shots on the Beech GK.
  10. Glad to see the Lady Raptors could cause a little lively discussion. The rankings really are not as important as trying to get out of our District during playoffs with three of the top five in our home District. If we do not bring our best Independence and Centennial can also be difficult to get by.
  11. Beech travels to Ravenwood next week. We'll see how they compare to Brentwood, Franklin and Hendersonville. Should be a good game.
  12. Thats my understanding is a prearranged forfeit. The Hillsboro girls are great kids but the games did not seem to be beneficial to either team when the WC teams are mostly club players. Not sure what will happen for District playoffs that they normally participate in as a lower seed. I'm sure Coach Watson knows how things will be arranged.
  13. Ravenwood travels to CCS in a week. Sounds like a good prep for post season. Going to be tough to get out of our District with Brentwood, Franklin, Centennial and Ravenwood
  14. Thursday Night Ravenwood 2 Brentwood 1
  15. RaptorFan

    JV Games

    Ravenwood JV are now 5 and 0 with all by shutouts
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