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  1. Polk wins. Welcome back to the weakness of 5aa.
  2. Where is the game? What time? and date? Thanks in advance.
  3. $15-$20 is the going rate for a weekend pass at any summer tournament.
  4. Great post except you forgot the guys up front.
  5. OK you made your point. You care about him and no one else. Now get some mental help. I'm proud to hear the kids are on the same page, I will continue to follow Polk football despite this nut.
  6. Hows this, Who wins:Sweetwater Why:Because they aren't quite as horrible as Meigs.
  7. Central should get transfers from McMinn County and Meigs, worked last time you had that happen. LOL
  8. Central schedule has been brutal. Meigs schedule has been somewhat soft. Walker being healthy will help Centrals offense in a big way. I also keep hearing about Meigs being young, I look at the roster, mostly jr's and sr's playing. Central by 2 touchdowns.
  9. There is an advertisement on the TBCA website that Demarini composite bats will be legal. It's getting confusing with all the changes on top of changes.
  10. Great to see this cross-town battle competitive again. Bradley wins a close one.
  11. McMinn Central best hope Coach Davis has forgotten all the trash talking of the last few years. Polk will win by as many as he lets them.
  12. Meigs hasn't found the answer, Sequoyah wins by 2 touchdowns.
  13. You should not be so defensive, everyone has an opinion. My point about Meigs, they only lost maybe 4 or 5 starters from last years team. Same core group of players and lost to a team they had beat the year before, that my friend is not improvement. It was everyones first game, yea I'll give you the other 2 excuses. Polk had a come from behind win against Bradley last year, I was there, it was not a sound beating. Any excuse you want to come up with, 5AA still has a 1-4 record after week 0. Polk will run through the conference, and no one else will be above .500.
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