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  1. 5A 1st Tennessee, D. Boone, Mo West, Sull South 2nd Tennessee, D. Boone 3rd Tennessee 1st Columbia, Hillsboro, Anderson Co, Clinton 2nd Columbia, Clinton 3rd Columbia 1st Henry Co, Gallatin, Hendersonville, Beech 2nd Henry Co, Beech 3rd Beech 1st Lawrence Co, Mitchell, Melrose, Hardin Co 2nd Mitchell, Hardin Co 3rd Hardin Co SemiFinals Columbia, Beech Champion Beech 6A 1st Bearden, Ooltewah, McMinn Co., Maryville 2nd Ooltewah, Maryville 3rd Maryville 1st Blackman, Riverdale, Oakland, Cookeville 2nd Blackman, Oakland 3rd Oakland 1st Independence, Franklin, Hunters Lane, Brentwood 2nd Franklin, Brentwood 3rd Brentwood 1st Germantown, Wooddale, Brighton, White Station 2nd Germantwon, White Station 3rd Germantown SemiFinals Oakland, Brentwood Finals Oakland
  2. I haven't been able to see oakland at all this preseason or keep up like years past. Who has stood out this preseason? Anyone noncontributors from last year to be aware of?
  3. What a fantastic game for the state title. I have to admit I was rather disappointed on the running of the clock though. In addition to Fanklin appearing to have 1 secound left on the clock at the end of regulation there was a change of possession after Franklin's last drive of the first half ( I believe it was a stop on downs) when 30+ seconds were allowed to run off the clock which ended really limited the types of plays Oakland could try to run to score. Sad to see the biggest 5A game of the year has such poor clock work by the officials. I would just like to say how happy I am for the entire OHS program and especially the seniors. Those guys went through a lot of hard work, down times, and heavy doubt from the school (including former teammates who wouldn't put in the work) and community and stuck to it and went out on top. Wanted to give a shout to Amey, Barrett, Bass, Valentine, and Wade for all the plays they have made the last three years and another big shout out for emotional leaders like Summers and Petrone. You guys did someting special that no one can ever take away from you. Can't wait to see the great future of this program, as many great players that have to be replaced there is still a ton of talent on the roster. Oakland played last night just like they have all year, they found a way to win. From the 4th quarter of the quaterfinals through the end their will to run the football could not be denied, impressive to watch. It's been special to watch and have filled this fan so many great memories I will forever cherish. Any idea if guys like Amey, Barrett, Bass, and Valentine are getting collegiate looks and if so where?
  4. Hornsby tweaked his knee on a punt and was on crutches for the rest of the night. Also starting Center Joines went down very early as well with what appeared to be a knee issue as well that had him on crutches. Mayberry played a solid game and saw a good deal more time at TB than he has most of the year. Amey played very solidly as alway and had a crushing sack in the fourth quarter. Big nights for Bass ( on defense and a nice run for a td,) as well as Walker and Johnson from the Wr spots. Barnes had a 70 or so yard TD run called back on a hold, but played well again Friday night. WC had a big solid DLine, but was really disappointed in OHS's run blocking as they never could seem to get a running game going with any type of regularity. I do think Cookeville is a better matchup for Oakland than Siegel would have been for a second time. Can't wait to see a great physical, tough game Friday night.
  5. I thought that Warren County played about as well as could have been expected in this one. The difference in depth between the two teams was very noticeable, as Warren County had a few guys who were lucky if they were off the field 10 plays the whole game special teams included. Was good to see Oakland put some points on the board, but they will have generate some type of rushing attack to move forward from here. Oakland was able to throw it in the general vacinity of their guys going down the field and watch them make plays that against the teams they'll see going forward they won't be able to just on athleticism alone. There were at least three balls that were scores or big plays that would have been going the other way against a better secondary. I think Oakland did what is natural for any team in their position and overlooked WC a little, but I feel quite confident that will not happen again. Can't explain how happy I am for the seniors who have been through a lot of hard times the last couple of years. The way the PA was being run is pretty standard for the Region 4 area in my experience, but I have always wished home and away that they would at least mention who makes tackles or carries the ball for both teams. Can't wait for Next Friday to get here already, Go Pats!
  6. Oaklands young depth at the skill positions is going to get better and better every week, which could be scary after watching them last week. Heard talk that Barrett and Amey were going to be back this week. Anyone know if thats still the case? Watching Oakland rotate in four to five guys on offense and defense every few plays makes me believe the depth is there to do great things late in the year. I think this one should be little closer than last week, but not by much.
  7. I was very impressed with the CC defense and the OHS defense. Minus one play the OHS defense gave up absolutely nothing minus two of their top d linemen. The offense for OHS left quite a bit to be desired, but they got it done when it mattered. Would have liked to see OHS take advantage of matchup advantages a little better in some spots though. I absolutely love to watch Schaller play, he came through HUGE on the final drive. Good to see OHS escape a trap game with a victory and get a little wake up call to refocus going into another region game.
  8. I think there is no question that Coffe County will come out ready to go in this one after the final result last year. This is major test number two for Oakland. They proved last week they knew how to win when they had the opportunity to collapse going into the fourth quarter, this week it's time to prove they can handle winning and still come back focused. I think this one will be close for a half and that Oakland's overall team speed will be the difference in the second half with them pulling away to win by two to three scores. I fully expect the first half to be as physical a battle as anyone could hope to see. Should be a packed house Friday night.
  9. Wow talk about someone with an ax to grind.....
  10. I too think Mrs. Duvall is a great lady, but I have to say that I liked the commitee format. If you have the right people involved it can't be bad to have mulitple minds in on it. Coach Price did a fantastic job getting players and the community to buy in and turn the team into a program that can compete for a home playoff game every year, but it should be noted that he was no better than the third of forth choice for the job. Goes to show you a good coach can be found if you do the work.
  11. 10 guys in offseason weights?!? Things won't get any better until all players including those in other sports are required to be there an lifting daily. I would wager a large amount that all the other teams in the region do this.
  12. I'm a little surprised how this search has gone, but I really shouldn't be. More often than not these things tend to be lenghty and go through multple candidate. I do hope it is over fairly soon though.
  13. Pretty much all the key backs are gonna be back, minus one who was a starting LB and back up FB. Only one guy back who started on the oline, but they isn't necissarily a bad thing since it was not an area of strength. Not many tall lineman, but there will be some wide bodies and athletic guys to work with.
  14. Really hoping Oakland can find a way to play four quarters of football and get the win. This group of seniors have endured a lot and worked hard all the way through. They are for the most part an exceptional group of young men. Also the off season is always a just a little better when you end with a win. GO PATS!
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