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Everything posted by crow

  1. I don't think so, nothing season ending or anything. Our big RB / LB ended his season at Rockwood with a broken leg.
  2. Yes I'm aware of his experience at the position and I agree with you. Now whether he's the #3, 1B or XXX Im not certain but the starter got hurt then the kid that played after that got hurt and now this kid is the qb. Like I said above a few days ago, he did a fine job.
  3. The chain gang thing was awful and it's something to talk about but at the end of the day it shouldn't have mattered.
  4. Ahhh yes, the chain crew SMH. That was a whole different level of. . . Well we all know what that was lol.
  5. He is a good guy, been knowing him for a long time now. He just belongs to the wrong band of native Americans is all lol.
  6. Oh no! Whatever shall I do Me and him are good I'm sure he knows why the U is there
  7. I was referring to opposing defensive strategy when we face them. As for our defensive strategy I venture to guess it won't much matter how many we have in the box, I'd say GBU will move the ball at will regardless.
  8. OS will have to change a lot in a short time to challenge any quality team this year. Whether or not we qualify as a quality team this year is yet to be determined. I think we will be better than last year, OS is not. At the end of the day honestly both have a long way to go. Just think we're farther along than they are.
  9. We always have 9 in the box and most of the time the safety if 4 yards off the line anyway lol. 3rd qb looked good. What scares me is IF the 3rd guy goes down our RB is his backup so we would lose the qb and a RB lol. Run whatcha brung and don't make excuses, nobody is ever 100%.
  10. Honestly if both play like last night I'll take us by 14-21. No disrespect intended or implied and yes I realize last night was a 20 minute running clock jamboree. Now if OS has a pass game they didn't show last night maybe close but I don't think they have it to hide this year honestly.
  11. Everyone knows making runs is all we do
  12. Momma said week 5 last night. Not sure about #2 but I think that's fairly recent. Had a club on his right hand last night. #3 ran the limited offense well last night, our offense isn't a complex one to begin with and he was very efficient in it, I was very pleased with the way he stepped in and ran it.
  13. From what I saw last night OS isn't the same team as last year. They've still got some good looking kids but they're missing pieces. HHS did not come out of graduation well. I didn't stay for the Kingston and midway 5th quarter deal but Sparta looked like the best squad of the 4 quarters I watched hands down.
  14. 1st qb probably week 5 now, 2ND broke right hand hand. We're gonna have to run what we brung the first half of the season at least. We didn't run cowboy a lot last night. At least not any more than we ALWAYS do.
  15. I'm still around kaz, we don't gotta be winning it all to run our mouths lol.
  16. Yeah I actually knew that from previous conversations with you. I honestly just got their names mixed up when I said Hunter instead of Holden. Is Hunter still hanging around the Oneida area from time to time?
  17. Lol I guess hunter wasn't being clear at all. My apologies to both young men and my congratulations to Holden.
  18. How many sons does ladykee have getting offers right now Hunter, to be clear.
  19. Oneida will be better than last year. Still a legitimate gap between us and the top 3 or 4 teams though.
  20. I'm not worried about either "tribe" honestly. I was just curious
  21. I just gotta know how you boys stay so humble
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