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  1. You love to drop names and hide behind yours.
  2. Do you mean you have heard of some transfers that you may get? Didn't think that happened at greenback or any other public school for that matter. Just Saying
  3. Man for someone who knows so much about Grace athletics I am suprised at how little you REALLY know and the false things you say. I will try to clear up you obvious confusion about the GIRL from oak ridge. She played her freshman year at oak ridge and sat out her 10th grade year and played no sports at all and transfered to Grace as a 11th grader. By TSSAA rule she was eligible to play right away. Dude quit trying so hard enjoy life and move on and most of all get your facts right.
  4. Callie Cox From Grace Christian Knoxville has committed to Milligan and will sign next week
  5. Not going to go back and forth because everyone thinks they are right so it is useless. I will state the facts, that they NEVER played together just from the same area. The relationship was with his brother-in-law and parents were attemting to get a job transfer here and in the mean time established thier residence with his uncle. They were looking for a school and knew about Grace so they made an appointment for admission. That Uncle lived more than 20 miles from Grace and that was the violation. parents were back and forth while trying to get transfer and it never went through. He did stay with a friend often and that was also reported to the tssaa and they said that was not the violation and said they cant monoter where every kid actually sleeps but it was a violation because his residence was more than 20 miles from grace. Those are the facts for you to believe or not.
  6. He was at the State tournament and I was with him. He took 5 girls from Graces team and those were the only kids he spoke to while we were there. You really should not use this board to spread gossip that is just not true. What does it accomplish, speading hate? Grace has come from winning 2 games in 4 years to winning 12 two years ago and last season going 20-11 and playing for a district championship. This is a result of hard work by the players and coaches and should applauded not critisized.
  7. This is why people should get facts before they talk bad about someone. I know for a fact that he was not even at the region tournament and was out of town. Please dont just post things to be hateful and spread gossip. But make no mistake Grace girls will be very good for years to come.
  8. Grace and Tellico play tuesday night for the Championship and Rockwood and Greenback Play tuesday for 3 and 4
  9. Grace is 20-10 and playing very well right now beating Greenback by 26 in the semi-final. Grace is very young starting 1 senior 2 soph and 2 freshmen. 6,7,8 are soph,8th grade and freshman. The two games lost to tellico during the year were without 2nd best player and all-district player. Should be a good one with Grace with alot of pressure defence and Tellico with good inside half court offence.
  10. According to TSSAA standards, as deter- mined by the members of TSSAA, some of the eligibility rules are: A student must have made a passing grade during the preceding semester in at least five full unit subjects; A student must be enrolled before the 20th school day of the semester, in regular attendance, and carrying at least five full courses during the present semester; A student is permitted eight semesters of eligibility beginning with the ninth grade. Junior division students are permitted four semesters of eligibility beginning with the eighth grade; A student shall be ineligible in high school if he becomes 19 years of age on or before September 1 or in junior high if he becomes 16 years of age on or before August 1 Athletes must live at home with their parents In order for a transfer student with an athletic record to be eligible at another school there must be a bona fide change of residence by the athlete's parents; All transfer students must be approved by the Executive Director of TSSAA before participating in any game or contest; A student whose name is listed on the school eligibility report cannot participate in an independent game or meet until the season has closed in that particular sport. (This does not include golf or tennis) A registered athlete cannot accept any money for athletic skills in any TSSAA sponsored sport; An athlete may accept a medal, trophy, high school letter, sweater, shirt, jacket, blazer or blanket for athletic participation but nothing else of commercial value, and these awards must carry the school's letter or other appropriate award emblem; All expenses to an athletic camp where specialized instruction is offered must be paid by the athlete or his or her parents; When an athlete is charged tuition to attend a school, it must be paid by the parent or bona fide guardian. If what you say about his residence is true, every game he played in should be a retroactive forfeit, among other penalties[/quot Thats my point so Irishbball I suggest you look at your own school before you bash another one
  11. Please don't short-sell the fans! They take obnoxious to a new level. I haven't just heard this rumor, witnessed it repeatedly. Agreed. Their fans are truly obnoxious. Not only were their fans obnoxious the entire game, at one game last year a parent went after a high school kid because he was excited and jumped up when their team hit a shot to put the game into overtime, which they ended up winning. They are the definition of classless. No you are the definition of classless. How about something new on this board; actually stating facts and not just like "Oh ya in this one game or that game this and that happened" Grace had one overtime game and that was Anderson county and yes it was a very intense game but I was there and dont know what you are talking about. Were you at least at the game?? I guess only your teams fans behave themselves all the time and conduct themselve with nothing but class. By the way who is your team any way.
  12. Please don't short-sell the fans! They take obnoxious to a new level. I haven't just heard this rumor, witnessed it repeatedly. I know who this is and you sir are more obnoxious than Grace could ever be. A wanna be coach. And by the way Catholic talking about anyone else cheating is a joke. I know of a football player whose parents lived in Johnson City and he lived in an apartment by himself in Knoxville and was taken very good care of. Glass houses have a way of cracking.
  13. Great job Harriman and good luck at State. I cant believe the cry babies about the refs. I was there and it was a fairly called game. I am not from Harriman but fellas take you beating like a man and go away.
  14. Its funny how reading this board you would think EVERYONE thinks this way about Grace. Truth be known that most people and schools dont really care. Its just a FEW schools and a FEW people that feel so much hatred for Grace. It has been the SAME people for like 3 years over and over and over again. I can tell you this, it bothers and consumes you guys way too much and your hate runs way too deep. So who really loses in this?? Its the bitter Haters. The truth will come out and if Grace did something wrong they will own up to it and make sure the mistake never happens again.
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