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  1. Any word on who they hired or when that will be announced?
  2. Looks like Smyrna got the best hire, followed by Riverdale, then Blackman.
  3. You are exactly right and I probably should of phrased it differently. This would be my shortlist, but I would love to see other individuals thoughts on who will be considered for this job. I don't care to hear about the inequalities of AAU/Nike Flight. With that being said who are some realistic candidates??
  4. Riverdale Short List in No Particular Order Bud Brandon John Wild Bruce Slatton Joe Pat Cope Dawn Barger Holly White
  5. KITTY


    Well I do not know where TC will finish, but their Coach is by far one on the most respected basketball minds in the State of Tennessee. I don't know how the talent will be there, but Coach Brandon will made the Creekbank Community Proud.
  6. KITTY


    What are the predictions here? Is Goodpasture going to dominate again?
  7. How is Coach C. Brandon doing so far ? I know he has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to basketball.
  8. Does anyone know where to locate a Howard Roster?
  9. MVP: I think it will get tricky due to the fact on the nomination process, but I would put Fullilove as the front runner. His presence on defense cannot be matched by anyone in the district with his speed and athleticism. However, I believe that Atnip has a real shot at the award. If he is not in the Smith County @ Smith game or LA @ LA, DC could have 2 losses in the district based on his impact in the final seconds. Plus, Atnip is the match up that teams do not have answer for so far this season. Howell doesn't have enough ink on the stat pages in district play, but if he goes 25 ppg the remainder of the year in 8aa he should have a real chance. Ramsey is difficult to evaluate because the game plan with him is let him get his points and cut off as many other options as you can. Naturally, Ramsey is going to get more points with that type of game plan against him. COY: Martin I think is one of two choices. He truly is doing something special with this team, Upperman and LA are have great seasons, but not as dominant as DC. Also he is the best "in game" coach in the district in terms of adjustments and decisions plus he as always had the best zone defense since he around. The other coach who I hope gets a vote, but probably won't is Central Magnet Coach John Henson ( I think that is his name). What he has done this year far as improvement is very impressive. However, I think that if DC beats Upperman this Friday, Martin gets it no matter what. 4 Teams in: Like everyone DC, LA, Upperman, Cannon Sleeper: York ( I really think that Smith County is the 4th best team, but looks like seeding will give them an awful match up). District Champ: DC unless someone gets hurt.
  10. Who are you picking for : District MVP Coach of the Year Four Teams to Advance District Champ Sleeper Pick
  11. I know it is early, but I am curious what are people's thoughts on: District MVP Four Teams to advance Coach of the Year Sleeper Pick District Team Champ
  12. I think the draw is pretty even around the board; a lot of great teams in this classification and great coaches. I am going with Wilson Central Coach Brandon is on a roll right now.
  13. Wilson Central is going to the glass house again!!!!
  14. Congrats to Wilson Central on their win over Mt. Juliet the best coached team won this game!!!
  15. My name is Luke Willoughby and if there is anyone who knows Coach Martin far as a coach it is me. That man gave me the opportunity of a life time. He let me be apart of the team, but more importantly he took an interest in me as a person. He is the reason that I am going to college and trying to get into law school. Those of you who think he is not a good coach you are simply wrong. He is one of the best preparation coaches in the mid state. Coach Martin really has never been blessed with the dream team talent, such as a John Jenkins or Cory Brewer like some coaches, but he gets the best out of his players. For those of you who think that he is not dealing with the young man who has gotten the technicals this year properly you are wrong as well. He has disciplined the young man and he has no control over the guy on the floor. If coaches did, players would never turn the ball over and would always get an open layup. He is a good coach and a great man who truly cares about youth and teaching them the right principals of life. I know also that he is not in trouble far as next season so to answer your question Mr. 597, he will be back if he chooses. Good Luck DC and God Bless you all.
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