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  1. Good luck Cornersville. Just Do Your Job. I believe.
  2. Hoping the Frog Bottom Bunch bring it home. Great community. Great school. Great coaching staff. You'll never forget tomorrow young men. Come bald or grey you'll never forget this day or the men beside you. Gold to Cornersville.
  3. Bulldogs! You rock. Congratulations. Now git that Gold.
  4. The day. Go get em Dogs. Lots of support from your surrounding communities.
  5. Yo BPM. Didn't get a chance to let you know I was coming. It was a last minute thing. Actually got in our seats 5 minutes before kick-off.
  6. This was one of the best high school games I've ever seen. The stadium was awesome. Much better than Tech. Folks were nice & friendly. The Zebras did an excellent job. The Dogs coaching staff is admirable. Great job Coach Randolph & staff. With the community support I'm thinking Cornersville will continue to be a contender. They are not a 2 hit wonder. Defense wins ships. This bunch will stick you but more importantly they have their mental/responsibility game down pat. Go Dogs!
  7. I'z sees them ponies have a hard time catching that prize....again
  8. Thanks ole friend. I've been following yer travels. I hope this bunch can make the ship again. Might see you soon BPM....
  9. Like a bad movie. Wayne County folks heading home Friday night...
  10. I still check out the "T" often. This new bunch gits their cage rattled too easy. I miss the ole smack & jab folks. Keep an eye on the Froggy Bottom boys though. Cornersville's a fun bunch to watch.
  11. Proud of you fellers way out there at Franklin-Lite! I'z bet them boys across the county shave their chest! What's up with that? Ain't no game faces in Rudderville. Franklin-Lite by a COUNTRY mile.
  12. It's been great watching this Cornersville bunch. Hats off to coach Randolph and his staff. The support the parents & the community give the school is awesome! Cornersville has it going on. The Ship is your reward Bulldogs. As The Hoody would say. "Do your job"! Just one more time!
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