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  1. LCHS has an enrollment of 480 as of Spring Break. Not where they wanted, but they are still actively seeking students to fill their halls.
  2. Good luck to Coach Alexander.
  3. The middle school coaches have a group email and he popped up recently and that was the explanation.
  4. Dupree is new head coach at Liberty Creek Middle.
  5. Five candidates interviewed from four different counties. Each interview was about one hour. Candidates were told February would be the date for the announcement. Several other coaching positions have been filled but not announced.
  6. Interesting logic. Gloss over the mistreatment of a woman, but worry about the placement of the band and cheerleaders. (Which HC knew about and could easily see in game film.) Priorities a bit out of whack. Oh well. As for the HC players, they were phenomenal last night.
  7. If you are referencing what I think you are, that would be when Coach Counce used profane language at the cheerleading coach. The band directors are two burly men who were never talked to.
  8. I am sure next time this happens GHS can get your help in selling a limited number of tickets to visiting fans, season ticket holders, students, and parents of players, band members, and cheerleaders. Seems like an easy solution with your knowledge.
  9. GHS has sold season tickets publicly for two weeks. None of the games in the season ticket pack will be available on GoFan. The new GHS game scheduled for September 18th vs. Collierville will all be sold on GoFan.
  10. Gallatin, as of Friday, had 1537 students enrolled. About 320 graduated Friday night. Expect 450-plus freshmen in fall.
  11. Tryouts are this Sunday, November 16th, from 12:00 noon to 2:00PM at Hendersonville High School. There will be another infomational meeting at 11:00 AM that day for parents that are interested. No fee is being carged for trying out.
  12. The championship match is only $3.00.
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