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  1. A preview of things to come? What do you mean G ? Howz about some details on the game. Was it that bad? How did Conner do?
  2. The entire CoachT NATION shall now take a moment of silence to pay our last respects to BIG DAWG 71. This day we mourn the loss of this poster BIG DAWG 71, our hearts filled with sadness as we wonder if we will make it through another hour. This said, knowing BIG DAWG 71's unselfish actions of non-posting will launch the Hampton program to national prominence needless to say an undeniable state championship. We thank the BIGDAWG for showing us how to live.
  3. Wow....Great job Tank. On waiting until it was official Channel 10 needs a spatula to get the egg off their face. 1] Who wil the assistants be? 2] Who is vying for the QB position? Congrats Coach Stephens you will do great things!
  4. finalsay

    Oak Ridge

    Brother Of "BIG TY" Totally agree with you and I think I can speak for a few hundred TRUE Wildcat faithful: We will back anyone chosen!! Except Gray.
  5. finalsay

    Oak Ridge

  6. finalsay

    Oak Ridge

    If anyone who reads this can say they never made a mistake PLEASE LET US KNOW! Most people don't know the reason Joe Gaddis left Oak Ridge for Mississippi after Bruce had him followed so he could get leverage to steal his job. So what if he got a little boooger on the side on his own time. None of your business. At least he didn't get his rocks off humiliating players. And looking down his nose at people. Heard of forgiveness? Look into it. Everyone deserves a second chance. Yes he can coach OR again if chosen.
  7. What were the rumors at the Chilli cook off?
  8. finalsay

    Oak Ridge

    catscratch if, like in the good 'ol days, I could give you points for your post, I would give you a record amount. Oink boy needs to move on too if he wants to be a head coach. I know he sends out his resume every time their is an opening. I think if Brucie's wife had not been a principal in the OR school system....you know. Stanton is the answer in my opinion.
  9. finalsay

    Oak Ridge

    orwildcatfan, we all respect everyones opinion on here but can't always agree. Ronnie has had a run at putting up some points at Oak Ridge but has choked when it counted the most. I am almost bald from pulling my hair out watching Ron get delay of game five yarders......Let's get a coach who can get a darn play called in time without hurting the teams chances. Didn't he get in trouble for his heavy campaining pressuring players to get their parents to e-mail the AD and Super?........Promising assistant coaches jobs ect. Look at his stats when he is at the helm at Jefferson...terrible.....freshman...terrible.....JV....terrible.ionk...ionk...ionk Successful Head coaches are a different breed! God bless the Wildcats.
  10. This just in...The Oak Ridger reports the super secret AD Chuck Carringer has stated there is a "snag" in the process of the secret 8 on the secret board secretly chosen to pick the next Coach for the Wildcats. Can any one guess who the secret coach was? Hope it was Ronnie.
  11. ~~~Former Oak Ridge player~~~ Way to go Jason, I heard you made all-region already and were in the running for all-state with stiff competion. You beat out Patrick Eades from 2002 state champion Hoover! http://alabamaprepsports.Unapproved Website/content.asp?CID=153232
  12. I have been to the Fulton combine before and they do a good job getting exposure for the players...Please list any other combines for the players...Thank you.
  13. Big Dave, you are most certainly right Oak Ridge belongs on here with their play off record which is second to none in the highest classification- first 3A then 5A. I bet you have seen most if not all of them....How many play off games have you seen?
  14. Oak Ridge will face their biggest test thus far this season as they travel to DB. Prediction: Booker 18+ carries north and south? Oak Ridge 21 DB 14 Prediction: Booker 12 or less carries east and west? DB 21 Oak Ridge 7
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