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  1. 3 divisions with minimal number of teams in each, looks like only 1 game in all 3 divisions pits a 1st round game where both teams have winning records along with multiple byes in IIA and IIAAA and these are called playing for "state championships"...SMH
  2. kbrks


    Simple, because it was a myth perpetuated by the CPA faithful that the only reason people were complaining was because they were jealous and haters of all the success as opposed to the actual truth - that people were genuinely opposed to how the boys basketball program was operating. Now that all indications show all programs are now operating within the rules, the topic is pretty much mute. That is one reason. Another CPA myth debunked by truth. Another reason is most likely related to moving out of Division I to Division II now that the CPA "mission" statement, after all those years, has changed... And just when I thought I might get through a basketball year without the need to post, oh so close...
  3. Congrats to both teams on another classic game...If I heard correctly, Jeremiah Oatsvall entered the game holding down 9 school records, after the game he now holds 20 school records. I will miss watching both he and TC for MBA play, two exciting players, wish them the best in their college careers.
  4. Who did you end up having dinner with Playerscoach or did you have a enough bitter and condescending to simply dine alone? Personally, I am willing to "dine" with disagreement and hard truth... If it is true, it is true, like it or not... As I have observed your posts, the way you post, the words you use, etc. I gain great confidence if I simply choose the opposite side I am in good shape. Too often you simply try to "bait" and then it becomes your opinion over any logic, reason, fact, truth, etc. And the use of all those Lol's...a tell tale sign indeed...
  5. You misjudged my use of the phrase...
  6. Well bcd I guess if you "feel like you have to say something..." then it must be OK to make a post not exactly related to the original thread. Sounds similar to "taking the high road but..." You like to give advice, maybe you can receive some. If you are going to give yourself that freedom, allow others the same even when it is a dissenting view. If not and maybe it is just me, seems inconsistent and could be viewed as hypocritical. Now, we wouldn't want that now would we... Related to the game, I take BA. Obviously, a toss-up, either team has the potential to win and many are looking forward to a rematch of last year's championship classic. No secret TC is a phenom, gets in the open field and no one is catching him, so MBA's run game could control the game. But I like BA because: 1. Though possible, hard to see TC repeating his regular season performance vs. BA 2. Young offensive line has had time to improve throughout the season 3. BA has more offensive weapons 4. JO was not only the MOP in last year's state championship football game, but has been the MOP in the last 2 state championship basketball game. This shows he has an X factor, the ability to rise up and be his best and lead his team in the biggest of games. No sense in betting against him in this one. Which is why anyone who would even imply that he left CPA and FRA due to concerns he could not compete and win the QB job at either simply does not know the truth. Looking forward to watching another classic, could come down which team has the ball last.
  7. I appreciate the sentiment and spirit of the request, very refreshing. I have my reasons for why I post, I have explained why in the past and not related to bitterness, though I get why people think it does. There are certain things I am for and against related to HS sports and I don't believe my personal experiences as a coach, for or against, disqualify me from posting on certain topics. CPA happens to be the place where I have the knowledge base from which to draw certain examples. I get it, your approach is the acceptable one, the norm, but I have never seen it actually accomplish anything, thus I decided to try something different. This started with posters willing to post/comment publicly about me and my last team, willing to make statements that were not accurate. It continued because CPA created controversy and its own history, nothing to do with me, but issues I have an opinion on when it comes to sports. On this particular thread it started with what was more a "tongue in cheek" comment, but one that is very true in the lives of many coaches, very few coaches are immune. It ended up where I was addressed personally with the idea that changes for the good are happening at CPA. My response was related to what I would consider real and necessary change and why. It is that simple and no one really needs to make it anything more, it is really not that complicated. Thus the concept of a public forum...
  8. I hope you feel better now. Though I do not post much in the football forum I respectfully decline your suggestion.
  9. 1. Agree - great story and continued prayers for Mr. Ellis and his family 2. Agree - football never the problem, no credible information has ever surfaced that would indicate otherwise. 3. Hope you are right In reality, one area has to be evaluated separately from the other. CPA has always been able to point to unique areas and stories of ministry with Mr. Ellis being one of the latest, an incredible one to say the least. But this has always happened regardless of certain actions of fans and administrators related to sports. And of course these types of inappropriate actions and decisions happens at other places too. Related to CPA, it was boys basketball beginning in 2009 and for the next few years that created a problem for every other sport and the entire school. Damage that most likely will last for years to come. Biblically, it is more than merely stopping what should not be done and start doing what should be done. It also includes steps of confession (admitting) and repentance (making it right when applicable). Like it or not, this would include dealing with those who were willing to speak truth based on what was known (not speculated) and what was provided by credible sources. The response was to personally attack and trash people willing to speak out. How many voices attempted to "explain" what happened by saying it was simply related to kids wanting to play for successful programs and coaches, even if having to sit on the bench? (Yea, right.) The "theory" - it was Maddux and his success/success of the program attracting multiple transfers. If true, there would be as many or even more transfers now than ever before. As I pointed out at the time that was faulty reasoning. Where are those voices now that according to you is not happening? If you are right, it is better than nothing, but does not complete the cycle based on what even the school would base its philosophy. Soli Deo Gloria...
  10. Hope not, would be totally undeserving and would not want or wish that on anyone, but not like it has never happened before...
  11. Wow, 3 blow-out losses in first 4 games for CPA. Watch your back Ingle, fans and administrators can suffer from short term memory...
  12. You provided the answer within your own assessment. Many, if not the high majority, will not give credit to a program who for years went the way of "recruited All-Americans" especially with a thought process of "getting away" with it. And the conclusion will end up being could not win state or even make it to state when they did not have the most athletic talent on the floor. Right or wrong that is simply the way it is...
  13. Truth...bigchief does not speak with forked tongue... Of course they want to, but if that was the primary driving force there would actually be many, many more transfers and one would see a consistency of transfers into programs with great coaches each year.
  14. Keep it in context since you took it out of my original context. My reference was to these boards, and now that I have clarified I am sure it is all cleared up...
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