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  1. Why is he not playing in the TN east-west (all star) game? Shooting a Nike commercial already?
  2. You traitor! You traitor! Soory, thought you were New Blue for a second... ask him on another post if he was going to our game. didn't have my glasses on.
  3. Uhhh, yea. was trying to Einstien. It's called sarcasm. Are you 50 years old?
  4. PB, If I come back in 3 montrhs will this post still be going? Certainetly generated some enthusiasim didn't it.
  5. The TSSAA can barely get enough ref's to field all games and you want to put them on a evaluation? They stink, plain and simple. But, be happy with what you got or your going to get some yocal from the home town officiating your away games. Then you would see riots. Try coming to a single A game. Make those triple A guys look like they belong in the NBA!
  6. Grendal, are you going to the 9-A, 10-A match up's tonight?
  7. Hey, why don't you "shut your pie hole" or as the great Mike Ditka once said "get your mouth shut. Now, go back to the den and get some manners. Sinner!
  8. Is anyone from 10-A still alive? Not teams! Posters!
  9. You guys sure are mean on this site! Please don't punish me LORD VADER. (E-G-O)??? Please tell me you are not of drinking age LORD. OHHH OHHH the dark side has me.... help help....Lord Vador is thinking me to death...Just kidding, LORD...
  10. Either way, something should be done so they just can't stand there with the ball endlessly. It's not fair, entertaining and does not promote good manners. After all, it's about teaching the little boys and girls life lessons isn't it? Now everyone go brush your teeth, hug your parents or children and go to bed! School or work day tomorrow.
  11. Wow! I had to take a nap halfway through your post. lol You make a lot of sense though. I forgot about the HUMAN ELEMENT. Especially in single A. Isn't that where all the ref's start out? We have lost a couple games this year to the HUMAN ELEMENT. If you know what I mean...
  12. Would your initials be JH?
  13. Whoa! whoa! whoa!, If there was not a three point line I don't think we would of won tonight. We hit two of them back to back to pull within two. I understand your point though. I say take it back a foot and you would not have so many. Coach's would not aloow as much.
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