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  1. PastPresentFuture

    Covington vs Milan

    Coach Morris always told us you will only be remembered for how you play in November. Go Dawgs!
  2. Just repaying the visit, have a great day!

  3. PastPresentFuture

    Humboldt at Dresden

    48-0 half. Dresden.
  4. PastPresentFuture

    Greenfield @ LC

    Greenfield did not throw the ball hardly at all against Dresden. You can load the box and put your corners on islands against them to stop there run game. Dresden made their backfield look like a couple all state athletes. LC should handle business easy.
  5. PastPresentFuture

    Lake Co @ West Carrol

    Cartman where ya at? Told y’all that donkey stomping was coming.
  6. PastPresentFuture

    Lake Co @ West Carrol

    I was there. Our best player was done after 1 quarter. No since in arguing about it but if he’s healthy all 4 quarters Dresden beats WC just like they did LC.
  7. PastPresentFuture

    Lake Co @ West Carrol

    Lake County has come on hot here lately it seems. WC struggled to beat a depleted Dresden team. If LC comes to take care of business they win big.
  8. PastPresentFuture

    Dresden’s demise

    Last 3 games are at home so i hope that the crowd will be just as big as it was week 1 against Westview and the support for these kids are still there.
  9. PastPresentFuture

    Dresden’s demise

    Hope Dresden can salvage the season and possibly make the playoffs. Obion County Gleason and Humboldt are the remaining three games.
  10. PastPresentFuture

    Dresden’s demise

    Wasnt it the players and fans pushing so hard to hire Estes and keep a coach in house? i know this question will catch backlash of the things going on now but am i right or wrong is all i want to know.
  11. PastPresentFuture

    Dresden’s demise

    No sweat to him. He never played a down of meaningful football in his life. Just a bleacher coach.
  12. PastPresentFuture

    Dresden’s demise

  13. PastPresentFuture

    Dresden’s demise

    Majority of the folks on here crying never amounted to anything on a football field anyways.
  14. PastPresentFuture

    Dresden’s demise

    There will be a lot of disappointment next year when Estes is still on the sideline. The only way he won’t be is if he takes a job elsewhere (don’t blame him if he does). As for bringing in a winning coach it won’t happen with the way some of y’all act. Coaching from the stands. Even alumni would be ignorant to leave a program that is built and proven to try and fix this mess.
  15. PastPresentFuture

    PHS vs GC (Homecoming)

    Didn’t expect this outcome. Congrats GC