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  1. ecu

    District 12AA

    Was that score correct?
  2. ecu

    District 12AA

    Best player or best team? Should be a great game.
  3. ecu


    I would hope they would wait since they are probably coaching a team .
  4. ecu

    District 8A how do these teams look

    Looks like a three team race after Eagleville beat Cascade last night. Which will improve the most over the next three weeks?
  5. ecu

    District 8A how do these teams look

    Who made schedule?
  6. ecu

    District 8A how do these teams look

    Led most of game and lost by 15 at home? Is this the worst MC team in last 20 years?
  7. Fayetteville beats Eagleville and Eagleville is #1. Makes a lot of sense.
  8. ecu

    District 12AA

    Any surprises in the early going?
  9. ecu

    District 8A how do these teams look

    Looks like Cascade is the best team in this district.
  10. ecu

    District 8-A

    Will probably be the first of four meetings. Both of these teams are so good.
  11. ecu

    District 8A how do these teams look

    Where is regional tournament?
  12. ecu

    District 8-A

    Big game at Cascade as Lady Hornets and Lady Champions battle for first. Looks like a three team race.
  13. ecu

    District 8-A

    This is the first of two great games coming up. Would not be surprised to see them split, with both teams winning at home. Give us a great report tomorrow night.
  14. ecu

    District 8-A

    Would not be surprised to see both in the state. Either team can beat Clay and that is no disrespect to Clay. Two of those three will be in state.
  15. ecu

    District 8-A

    Going to be a great game!