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  1. You have a .25 % chance of dying if you get it. Under 70 is even smaller.
  2. Corey Bishop new coach at Forrest.
  3. Still have to maintain social distancing. Lots of questions.
  4. ecu


    Did Chumley get the job?
  5. He did an excellent job at Shelbyville. Would be a great choice for them.
  6. It is all political now.
  7. Was this a first year coach who left?
  8. What happened with new coach?
  9. ecu


    If Coffee Co. will beef up their schedule and sacrifice a few wins, they will advance much further. Columbia will stay in the middle. Shelbyville and FC both lost key players, so whoever has best freshmen class may be the one who stays out of cellar.
  10. Who is the favorite to get job?
  11. ecu


    How much difference is there between 5-7 and how much did Tullahoma lose?
  12. Some of these students already have plans at this point where they can't play anymore. It was time to move on.
  13. After reading TSSAA response , it seems like what you can do after school is out is whatever your county decides. So if Rutherford says all schools can go to camp, but Coffee says they can't how fair is this? TSSAA needs to step up and give a plan for ALL schools in Tennessee. If I misinterpreted their response, correct me. Would like to hear other thoughts about summer plans.
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