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  1. ecu

    District 8-A

    All three series were sweeps.
  2. ecu


    Would say she would definitely be one since she still lives there.
  3. Eagleville only lost one player so they have a good chance to make it back.
  4. ecu


    Hate to hear that. Always thought he did a good job.
  5. ecu

    District 8-A

    Any thoughts on opening week of district? MC-Cornersville, Eagleville-Fayetteville, Cascade-Huntland. Cascade and Eagleville sweep; MC splits with Cornersville
  6. ecu

    Humboldt vs Fayetteville

    After watching the championship, I have no doubt Fayetteville would have won had 20 not been injured. Humboldt is a terrible rebounding team. Now CA can go and compete against their own kind.
  7. ecu

    Eagleville vs Cosby

    Cosby and Cascade (3rd) would have been a good match. Cascade beat Fayetteville. Do you think y'all would beat Fayetteville?
  8. ecu


    What happened to Helton?
  9. ecu


    CA didn't handle Eagleville's pressure very well. CA must break press.
  10. ecu

    Who goes to the glass house in 1A

    Great depth
  11. ecu

    Manassas vs Columbia at State Tournament

    Very impressive win. Can they shut down the Eagleville duo?
  12. ecu

    Humboldt vs Fayetteville

    Funny how their defense only got better when 20 left the game. If they play CA, rebounding is going to be the difference.
  13. ecu

    Manassas vs Columbia at State Tournament

    Very overrated team. CA far superior team!!!!
  14. ecu

    Eagleville vs Cosby

    Point proved! Had Cosby been able to make a few layups could have been a closer game.
  15. ecu

    Humboldt vs Fayetteville

    The only reason Humboldt won was because # 20 got injured in first half and didn't return. Think he had 14 when he went down. Fayetteville destroyed them on boards. Best team didn't win.