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  1. ecu


    From what I have heard this is misinformation and is not a forfeit but will be made up later.
  2. Fayetteville not as dominate as expected and other four are all about the same. Everyone must come ready to play.
  3. ecu

    District 7-AA

    Community nullified that win with loss to GC .
  4. First half of district play ends with Huntland 4-0 and MC 3-1. All others are 1-3. How does this finish out and who was the biggest surprise in first time around?
  5. ecu


    These quarantine policies (which don't work) are killing the games. If you aren't sick you should play.
  6. These parents are a nightmare from people who are around this program. They would complain about playing time when they were up 40 or so because their child could not pad their stats enough. Parents who allow their child to quit are a disgrace. Whatever happened to finishing what you started?
  7. ecu

    District 7-AA

    That is a good point.
  8. ecu

    District 7-AA

    Community with major upset of Cascade on a buzzer beater.
  9. MC wins at Eagleville.
  10. Last weeks win vs Huntland was first win in district since 2019. Eagleville is struggling
  11. ecu

    District 7-AA

    Community dominates only team that could challenge them. Grundy with a surprise thumping of Cascade.
  12. ecu

    District 7-AA

    After last night , would say Community may be only one to challenge Cascade. Surprised GC got killed like that.
  13. Solid win by MC over Fayetteville . Cornersville with upset win over Eagleville.
  14. ecu


    Coffee clearly the best team. Not surprised FC beat Shelbyville.
  15. And Cornersville beats Eagleville .
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