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  1. This garbage needs to end now! if you are afraid to get out , then stay at home. Let the rest of us live our lives like normal. The Great Reset is on the way. Unless you have your Covid card you aren't going to be able to go to sporting events. Wake up before we lose all our freedoms
  2. Both teams played with a lot of heart. Congratulations to Clay as they move on to State and to the Lady Hornets on a great season.
  3. ecu

    District 8-A

    Fayetteville playing extremely well, but Clarkrange is in another league. Huntland and Clay should be a great game!
  4. ecu

    District 8-A

    Cascade also beat JC earlier in year. Every year this district is underrated. Just a couple of years ago two of them made it to state. Moore county’s lack of a post player will hurt them.
  5. ecu

    District 8-A

    Cascade-Moore County in Regional Championship. Should be a great game with the top two regular season teams.
  6. ecu

    District 8-A

    Can Fayetteville pull off another upset?
  7. ecu

    District 8-A

    All won with MC winning in overtime. Going with Cascade and Eagleville in championship. Two great games!
  8. ecu

    District 8-A

    Will go with Huntland and Fayetteville in an upset. Heard Fayetteville played extremely well on Friday.
  9. ecu

    District 8-A

    Average margin of victory was 42.5. Who wins second district tournament?
  10. ecu


    Coach Davis did a great job getting this team another championship after losing a great senior class. Congratulations to the Vikings!
  11. ecu

    District 8-A

    How many win tonight from 8-A? My guess is 3
  12. How many from 11 win in first round?
  13. ecu

    District 8-A

    8-A sweeps easily setting up another district tournament.
  14. ecu

    District 8-A

    Eagleville at home will be hard to beat. Cascade is still probably the team to beat in Regional
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