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  1. Whether you like him or not , he did a great job of promoting Tennessee football.
  2. Looking like 9-A is going to win the State. Eagleville not scoring much but winning while Huntland doing everything well so far. Should be a great round six game tomorrow night weather permitting.
  3. ecu

    class a

    Eagleville definitely the favorite.
  4. Will totally agree with the year round problem. They need to play something else for a period of time.
  5. Do not need a pitch count for softball. They can pitch every day without hurting arm. More likely to be mentally fatigued.
  6. 9-A is going to have a team go to the glass house in 23. Most of these teams return a lot of players. Fayetteville was so close to eliminating Wayne Co. in quarterfinal.
  7. CC very sound team. Not surprised with their success.
  8. Great showing by Santa Fe.
  9. The region puts up a couple of sites and TSSAA decides what is best. If all teams from one district win first round it can move back to district host.
  10. ecu

    District 7-AA

    Community with a great win at East Nashville. Region champs!
  11. Great effort by MC without one of their best players.
  12. ecu

    District 7-AA

    Cascade and East Nashville on a collision course.
  13. Fayetteville playing best ball of season. Looking more like people thought they would.
  14. All games went as expected in Region last night. Fayetteville with a great showing despite loss. Eagleville with a good showing as well. MC and Huntland with impressive wins.
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