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  1. I did hear some of what you were talking about last night in the stands....I think JPC is doing a good job but just have to look better than last night. I totally agree with you that we looked like the "old" Lady Tigers and I thought we were over that. All that withstanding Central Magnet is a very solid team and I could see them finishing 3rd or 4th in the district.
  2. Isn't the 1st team consist of only 5?!? 6 counting the MVP
  3. It was fun watching the Lady Tigers play like that in the 2nd half. I think we were down 12 at that point. Could've thrown in the towel against a good team like LA but didn't. Good adjustments by Cope in the 2nd.
  4. I tend to agree with your post, although there is always the argument that confidence is needed sometimes early in the season….ideally it should be a balancing act between scheduling early season/pre district games that would both give you a good test/prepare you for the brutal district you play in and provide some confidence that your team might be lacking. But I would think the groundwork laid by JPC in his tenure @ DC they would be beyond playing this type of schedule. This girls district is like the SEC in football your ultimate success is measured by conference wins. So one can pile up wins against non TSSAA/Christian school type teams but if you are not advancing at least to Region play (something JPC did his 1st year when he inherited a team) then what have you really accomplished?
  5. So your saying he is getting recruited to play QB?!? I would just about bet anything you want that he won't play college QB at that level. Maybe a smaller school......same thing for Phillips.
  6. Ok I’ll bite….where did you accumulate a 232-60 coaching record I’m very curious? Surely you are not counting AAU games are you? That’s like a football coach counting 7on7 wins during the summer LOL. Where do you coach now if not at the high school?
  7. It was an awesome crowd last night for sure. I don't think anyone there last night didn't get there money's worth. Double overtime and to finish it off with a big shot being hit to seal the win. It is great to finally have a good reason for the community to get behind this team. Keep it up Coach Cope! It appears it was a great hire made as far as fit was concerned for this team. Maybe we can forget about some of the other "not so good" hires now and just move forward. It is the first time this team has started 3-0 in a loooooong time.
  8. 1. Upperman 2. Livingston Acad. 3.--- 5.York Smith Co. Cannon Co. 6. Macon Co. 7. Dekalb Co. 3-5 is a complete toss-up in my opinion....all have the capability to finish as high as 3rd or as low as 5th...all have strengths and weaknesses that should play out before Christmas
  9. Is Riverdale still in the play-off hunt? When was the last time the warriors failed to make it to post season?!?
  10. First, I have to point out that when someone drops 49 on you....your Defense didn't "force" anything lol!!!! With that being said, I think it is clear DeKalb is the better team here. For some of the people on here saying it is just the offense and that is why Poteete is a good QB you obviously have not been paying attention. Granted the offense is the perfect fit for Poteete....but that is what good coaches do...put their athletes in the best position to suceed!! DeKalb wins 39-21
  11. How exactly can you refer to it as a "fluke" if it has happened multiple times? fluke noun A lucky or improbable occurrence, with the implication that the occurrence could not be repeated. By the way, Station Camps wins 28-21. The defensive speed that SC has is the deciding factor!
  12. I think that Greenbrier just has too much speed(skill positions) and wins a close one......Greenbrier 21-20 Macon Co. /dry.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid="
  13. "Jimbo44" I respect your posts on these message boards because I think you have a good knowledge of area basketball..but I do have to point something out. You are correct that the 4 wins for the program is a good improvement over recent years but 3 of the four wins have came over a 3-13 Watertown team that has only managed to beat Mt. Juliet Christian and Merrol Hyde(twice)....so I would hardly consider this season a watershed moment for a program that has lost over 100 straight district games dating back like 6 or 7 years. Granted, there is still time this season for DeKalb to pull off a huge win but it was no longer than last weekend when they we held to 2 total field goals and were shut out completely in the 2nd half in a game against White Co.
  14. Hmmmm....Does it seem odd to anyone else that all those people proclaiming how DeKalb was going to do this and that have vanished from posting similar messages lately? Could it be that reality has set in yet again? /bored.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":bored:" border="0" alt="bored.gif" />
  15. Sounds like I touched a nerve there "hoops fan2"....lol. I mean with all the cap letters and "need never ever". Could it be that losing the game might have altered the way you viewed the foul calls? I believe I stated in my earlier post that the charge calls were iffy at best but face facts KAYCI's fouls were legit if anything she had 6-9 total fouls if you want to be honest about it. But let me also guess the fouls she was called for Friday night at home(against LA) were also bogus?!?
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