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  1. You dont think that Brentwood or houston were better? Oak Ridge moved through the district and region to the final four of state and got beat 6-1 by houston. Brentwood beat west 3-0 in the final four. Yes catholic was very good but dominate? I dunno it is over so technically we will never know, sadly.
  2. Brentwood Jordan Leedle-Memphis Bradley Jacobs-Memphis Tomi Homonnay-Belmont Danny Rayburn-Belmont David Dermody-Lipscomb
  3. 24-0-0. Perfect Season and 0 goals allowed in post season play. How about them apples east tennessee? 2 out of the last 4 years go to Brentwood and the senior class has dominated with 2 state championships compared to farragut and bearden each getting ONLY 1
  4. if you want national records then look at nscaa.com i believe
  5. How do you think this game will turn out?
  6. How do you think this game will turn out?
  7. Just because your team got beat by brentwood 3 times this year doesnt mean you should pick against them. Choose wisely Mr. Independence
  8. WhatUpYo


    Brentwood is Brentwood Soccer Club, which is travel. West is High School. They play opposite seasons and instead of playing at TNFC he would play At Brentwood Soccer Club. Brandon plays for TNFC also but its there last year so its not a big deal.
  9. Who do you think has not given them respect? I mean Brentwood has beat them 3 times in one season with a combined score of 8-0. Thats the fact! There isn't a person on here that said Independence was terrible and hasn't given you guys any repsect. Quality team that has shown up the past few games and one that has a chance to beat Hendersonville. You ARE given respect so stop talking and go earn it!
  10. West is still thinking about the last game..who did they play again?? : /roflol.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":roflol:" border="0" alt="roflol.gif" /> Oak Ridge 2-1 Also its fun picking against everyone else, it keeps things interesting
  11. Lets just forget about these rankings because they are not credible in anyway. Farragut and Bearden are out Brentwood beat Hendersonville KC beat CAK Father Ryan beat Baylor
  12. My apologies people. Ill take back the DII statement but Father Ryan did win it freshman year so the middle is back on top. Opinions on the BEST team in the state regardless of A/AA, DII, AAA?
  13. When do CBHS and JPII play? and what time... Father Ryan have to be the favorites, as long as charlas is playing... MBA would be better off if Darsinos were to come back from greece...
  14. ...it is in the title BGA-High school as in the state champs of 2 years ago TNFC-where the best of the best come from
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