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  1. JimmyBuffett

    Lewis County vs Camden

    Any thoughts on game please stay positive. Have seen Camden play a couple of games this year. I know nothing about Lewis County.
  2. Is this rule in place for hs this year?
  3. JimmyBuffett

    Camden Lady Lions-AA State Champions!!

    Great job Lady Lions!!! How do your coaches look so calm in big games? Looks like they have a lot of fun.
  4. JimmyBuffett

    Riverdale tournament

    Who won this tournament? Any results?
  5. JimmyBuffett

    District 11AA

    Any makeup time announced
  6. JimmyBuffett

    How about 12 AA. Top Players and Teams

    Camden won both games of double header against McNairy last night 4-1 and 5-2
  7. JimmyBuffett

    High School Softball should be moved to the fall

    Most decisions by T$$aa involves how much money it makes them not what is best for the kids or the sport.
  8. JimmyBuffett

    Bats, Bats, Bats?

    Is the virus legal in tssaa? heard it was banned last year, may have heard this wrong.
  9. JimmyBuffett

    Bats, Bats, Bats?

    What are the "hot" bats this year/ which are not all they are supposed to be?
  10. JimmyBuffett

    District 12AA Tournament

    Any scores, game times?
  11. JimmyBuffett

    Advertising Camps & Clinics

    What is the policy on advertising equipment? Like a bat.
  12. JimmyBuffett

    bat question

    thanks for input just wanting to compare RT
  13. JimmyBuffett

    bat question

    which rocket tech is the best 08, 07, 05 or the earlier ones?
  14. JimmyBuffett

    Travel ball tournament question

    Not agrue but most we have been involved start at 8 or 9 on Sunday mornings. I just feel that there can be different ways to run tournaments, (the way all high school tournaments are ran, still guarantees 4 games). I appreciate the discussion going on and hope the people in charge of these tournaments are open to some changes also. To me it more about the priorty we are placing on the tournament than where you actually go to church.