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  1. Anderson County High school is looking to hire an assistant softball coach. Supplement is one of the highest in the state. Must be able to attend and help with fall workouts 3 days a week and be prepared for a busy Spring Season. Any questions please email [email protected] Thanks
  2. VOLMAV77


    Heard AC came back in the bottom of the 7th to win down 9-3. What happend? Also heard their was some fighting/powell players argueing with each other after the game? Whats that all about. Anyone care to fill me in? Thanks
  3. VOLMAV77

    What's wrong with Oak Ridge Baseball program?

    OR has a great coach that demands respect out of his players both on and off the field. some parents don't want to admit that there kid has done something wrong and has to be punished for it. So of course it turns out to be the coaches fault. Any good coach will not let his players make the program look bad and look like he has no control over his program. Even if that means letting some of his good players hit the road. In the long run OR will be fine when players/parents stop worrying about themselves and put whats best for the program first!!!!!
  4. VOLMAV77

    Clinton Baseball

    Just saw the Clinton-Halls score.. WOW is Halls that good or did Clinton play bad 16-0 is that the right score?
  5. VOLMAV77

    Best Southpaws in East Tennessee

    Well the Taylor Durand is a good pitcher.. Still has alot to prove. The thing is that he is not even there #1 pitcher.... AC's top 3 are all lefty's.. There #1 is Tanner Williams who throws ok around 80-81 beat Webb last week so he must be alright. Back to Durand he MIGHT! be able to touch 83 but not stay there. Probably more like 79-80. Looks like on coacht that AC schedule is about to get a little tougher so we will find out what the MAVS are made of now that they are going against O.R., Halls, Powell, these next couple of weeks.
  6. VOLMAV77

    Anderson County vs. Gibbs

    I think Gibbs will have the advantage being on their home field. Just as AC did. It will come down to pitching since this game is in a tournament and both teams have been playing earlier in the week. Looking at AC schedule they have played/ will play everyday this week. I know both #1's for each team are out saying Willis beat PF and Williams beat Webb last night. Might just be the same two pitchers from last friday. who knows? I look for Gibbs to take this one.
  7. VOLMAV77


    WOW! So the word is last night at Loudon, CAK is up 20 to 2 going into the top of the 5th and they still had all their starters in the game! Klinsky and Fromke hit 2 homeruns to make an even closer ball game at 22 to 2.. Question !! Why in the heck are Kilinsky and Fromke still in the game? Loudon had already pulled their starters and a Freshmen pitcher was on the mound. Go ahead and PAD THE STATS BOYS.. I promise the Irish will not be so nice!!!!!! P.S. If I am wrong please correct me....but I think I am on point.
  8. VOLMAV77

    Big News from AC

    WOW!!!! MARLOW50..So seriously does J.P. like boxers or briefs? You are playing favorites so bad its not even funny... I am guessing you are a family member or a really good friend of the Prices...Wait maybe you just want to get a good coaching job at AC and J.P. being the head man is the best way for you to get your foot in the door. head coach at 25? I don't see it happening. Hate to bust your buddle.. Its all up to T.L. if anyone stands a chance at AC or not... State Champs BABY!!!!
  9. VOLMAV77

    Anderson County Baseball

    First of all.....blue collar is out the door! This is the "Pretty Boy Team" of the Knoxville area! Price and Rorex are always hurt. Ellis is just a big dumb football player. And Pack either hits it far or doesnt at all because his swings for the fence every time, and Foster is too pretty to play hard nose baseball. The coaching staff is good, but not experienced enough. Besides all this......Yeah they might finish 3rd or 4th this year
  10. VOLMAV77

    District 4 AA Game Results

    Being an Irish fan I would have to agree with you. Congrats on the District Championship But next time lets act like we are use to winning big games. Its ok to celebrate with your teammates but don't rub it in the other teams face. AC I think has won the last two district championships and they haven't yet acted like we did last night. O well lets go beat Gibbs and good luck AC against Seymour......
  11. VOLMAV77

    District 4 AA Game Results

    You're welcome. After beating Loudon twice tonight, we'll be there along with AC probably. So.....Catholic vs. AC tomorrow for the championship!!
  12. VOLMAV77

    District 4 AA Game Results

    Championship is at 7:00 on Wednesday @ CAK.
  13. D4-AA as of now is a close battle. You have loudon who sweep catholic and AC who sweep loudon and catholic who split who AC. THese teams are pretty evenly matched. Who do you think is going to make it out of this district tournament????? GO IRISH!!!
  14. VOLMAV77

    Anderson County

    Are ya kiddin? I have alot of friends that play for AC so I keep up with them pretty well and to my knowledge AC has beaten Powell alot more than Powell has beaten them. I also watched AC make about 4 errors in the loss against Powell this year since they played on Sunday and everyone elses field was still wet. Anyway when is the last time you have seen the panthers get out of their district?????????
  15. VOLMAV77

    District 4-AA

    Probably going to come down to Catholic, Anderson Co. Loudon, and CAK. Everyone else will be down I believe. I've seen AC and Catholic and both of them look like strong contenders to compete for the championship.