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  1. CPA and David Lipscomb are out. Maplewood is the team that will eliminate one of these teams in the substate. The Greenbrier vs. MLK game is toss up. Maplewoood is probably the only mid-state team that may be able to compete with the west TN teams.
  2. Is that why teams like David Lipscomb always make the state tournament because they have great athletes?
  3. Congratulations to Greenbrier. I'm not surprised they won their district. They have a lot of talent. Bradshaw may be the best sophomore in the state. I saw them handle Harpeth easily in the Overton Tourney. Not sure why they have lost as many games as they have, but they seem to be playing well as of late. BUT Mapelwood, MLK, CPA and Hume Fogg will not be "gravy".
  4. I hope your right about Harpeth pulling the upset, but it will be tough. I still think Creekwood is strong enough to win the region even with Marshall Co. in their bracket.
  5. I bet Sycamore wishes they were still in our district. Heck, I even wish they were. They were eliminated in the first round by Greenbrier in 9-AA. That is the first time they have not made the regional tournament since becoming a high school. They probably would have been a 2 seed maybe even a 1 seed in 11-AA. I do hope the four teams will represent 11-AA well in the region. Creekwood is solid enough to win it. Harpeth may pull off an upset or two.
  6. Why is there not a basketball scoreboard link on the basketball forum?
  7. Harpeth has played a tough early season schedule. They are a young team, but have some talent. Give them some time. They will be hard to handle by mid to late season.
  8. Are the Greenbrier guards sophomores? I know about Bradshaw, but what about the other 2? Is the the tall red headed sophomore (name?) playing this year? I saw where Greenbrier lost a close game to East Lit this week after leading at halftime. What happened in this game? Cheatham County rolls into Greenbrier Tuesday night. Will this game be worth the trip?
  9. Actually, I do feel better. Sometimes the truth hurts. Sorry, I can't help it your coach resembles Gary Coleman pacing up and down the side line. Let's see? You would have liked for Pete (first name basis) to have won by 100 points in a high school basketball game? Are you kin folk? Or are you just one of those "win at all cost" coaches in the stands. Whatever happened to sportsmanship, class and humility in high school sports?
  10. This situation is a direct reflection of the Sycamore head coach. He has "little man" syndrome. And he is not young either. He has been around the state in high school basketball. He doesn't stay long where ever he ends up because nobody likes him. This game was just a small example of why. Sycamore has a good basketball team. They didn't have to win by 50 and still press to prove that to anyone. That was just their coach being himself. Maybe it will look good on his resume.
  11. Schedule for 2/9 at Harpeth Middle School Consolation game at 4:45: Ezell Harding vs. Bridgeforth Championship game at 7:30: Harpeth vs. Greenbrier Awards presentation after the championship game. I was told by a Greenbrier parent they normally play in the TNT tournament held in Springfield. I hope they will continue to play in the TMSAA and that other teams will follow.
  12. 2/4 Results: Ezell Harding over EO Coffman Greenbrier over New Prospect Harpeth over South Lawernce 2/5 Results: Bridgeforth over Robert Ellis 2/7 Semi-final games: Ezell Harding vs Greenbrier-5:00 PM at HMS Harpeth vs. Bridgeforth-7:30 PM at HMS 2/9 Consolation game-4:45 at HMS 2/9 Championship game-7:30 at HMS
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