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  1. DC returns 17-18 starter Walker who sat out last season with a shoulder injury and 18-19 starter Agee who missed most of last season as well. Couple them with Ferrell, Colwell, and Ruch and we have a solid starting 5. Bench may be a little thinner this year as I am hearing a few didn’t try back out. I’ve heard of one pretty good freshman coming up as well. Just excited to get this season underway! I did hear of us beating Oak Ridge at a camp but you know how those go. And I’m not sure how competitive OR is expected to be, and oftentimes the play everyone during the summer.
  2. Anyone know about what happened at Smith? Did Bibb leave or get fired?
  3. Cheathams defense was awesome.
  4. Nerves got the best of us. Except Brown. Great game by her. Would love to see us make it back next year.
  5. Macon is a different team since then as well. Losing to Upperman lit a fire under them.
  6. I can’t really rank because I don’t know much about all the teams...I will say Westview got beat pretty bad by Cumberland County in a tournament earlier. SG beat Gatlinburg by 5 in substate, and DeKalb lost to Gatlinburg by 5 in December. But all that also gets thrown out the window this time of the year. Anything can happen in the glass house. I will say, from what little I’ve gotten to see if everyone, that Macon, Cheatham, and SG are probably my top three.
  7. The way people are talking we are getting matched up with a team from the East. Idk. I think we can play with SG after seeing their score against Gatlinburg. We will have to see. It’s the teams that feel like they have nothing to lose or that people say “aren’t supposed to be there” that often times play best. Like I said, either way I’m proud of them. And either way they get a banner of some sort in the gym and a little history for the 5v5 program. And the in-laws would LOVE to babysit but mom and baby are a single package right now so that’s not an option. What better first game than a state tournament game though??
  8. Planning on it! I think my in-laws think I’m crazy. But it could be once in a lifetime!
  9. I’ve been posting on this site for a while now, and never thought we would be at this point so soon. Even if we go over there and get ran off the floor it’s a great experience for the returning players next year!
  10. DC pulls of the stunner, 44-42. So proud of these girls.
  11. #4 was key in our win over Cumberland. She picked their D apart, and was a big reason they called their press off before halftime. And #12 comes up big when we need her. Senior experience. We played a good half. Let’s just hope nerves don’t get the better of us.
  12. You may be right. But we’ve loved being the underdog the past couple of games. This has been a historic year for us regardless. Even just a sectional game.
  13. Little girl and they are both fantastic! Thank you for asking. And it really makes me happy hearing that assessment coming from someone who doesn’t really have a bias. Fish caught a lot of flak when he got the job. How big of a loss Cope was. Liked Cope. Nice guy. But his most successful year was his first. With a senior laden group that had been someone else’s. Fish is in his third year now. He had a lot to do with our success. Plus being blessed with some really good players.
  14. Well said. We will still have a good 1-2 punch even after losing Brown. And the rest of this years sophomores may step up in a big way to fill out the depth too.
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