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  1. If Cannon hasn’t hired a coach yet, they better get on the phone. She would have worked wonders with the talent they’ve had the last four years.
  2. No. It is scheduled for tonight at 8 pm. Wife said they announced it after the games last night.
  3. I’m not talking sheer numbers here, or about who is on the team playing multiple sports. We’ve got kids focusing on other sports because they want to, or because they’re only wanting to play two. So basketball is the one who gets the axe. Not complaining, just the way it is. Take Isaac Knowles for example. He was a really good basketball player the few times I got to watch him in middle school. But he’s chosen to focus on football and baseball. Long story short, kids who are good enough to make a big impact on this team are choosing other sports. Just part of it. I will say that I personally think we have two good coaches. Just need to let Sanders do his thing and not let people interfere.
  4. We are past the era of schedule padding. I think a lot of that was Cope. Glad to see him having success in Coffee, though. But I think the district slate was draining for him here at DC. As for the present, I don’t think we are on some sort of unstoppable downhill slide. Just part of being at a school where basketball is third or fourth priority behind baseball, football, maybe even soccer. Kids are just interested in other sports right now. Maybe this young group can change that culture.
  5. So what are the actual game times Tuesday night? I’ve seen three different ones. 5 and 6:30, 6 and 7:45, and 6 and 7:30. Can we get some clarification? And why the changes anyway?
  6. I bleed black and gold but most DC fans know that tonight’s W was almost assuredly the last of the season, barring a miracle. This group of seniors has been one of the most accomplished in school history though and we are definitely going to miss them! Ferrell has to be very near 1000 points and is coming back for two more years and hopefully fellow sophomore Kennedy Agee will finally get to suit up in the black and gold for two full seasons as well. 3-4 other good role players coming back next season might keep us competitive. Depth worries me but it also did this season.
  7. I agree. But, to me, beating Upperman is slightly smaller miracle than beating Macon. Especially in an elimination game. Both are long shots though, no doubt. And we definitely don’t need to be looking ahead and slip up in Dunlap. Our last trip down there didn’t go so well, and I felt like we were the better team then as well.
  8. Really bad position to be in. If DC wins, they get revenge on York for two losses. But our reward would be to most likely get on the same side as Macon. Unless UHS pulls the upset which I don’t think will happen.
  9. How do you see region playing out? Do disrespect intended but I think it will be tough for 7AA..
  10. In my opinion they HAVE had talent and underperformed. When they first came to Smithville and I realized who all they had returning I thought our little winning streak over them was toast.
  11. Kauffman (I’m sure I misspelled that) could draw a foul any time she wanted to drive to the rim. Ferrell had two early fouls and was guarding her. I just feel like the coach doesn’t recognize these situations and take advantage...even if Ferrell isn’t scoring for us that’s still another decent defender and ball handler on the bench if you get her in foul trouble. Again, coaching won that game for us. Just my humble opinion.
  12. Hard to beat a team three times in one season. I do feel like DC has the advantage in coaching.
  13. Anyone have a schedule or know where one is posted? Thanks in advance!
  14. DC wins a close one in CC last night, 39-38. Ferrell haD at least half of our points, I think. If not, she was close.
  15. Matthew Sells at LA. Has to be averaging close to 30 a game, and without him I don’t think Livingston wins a game this year.
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