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  1. ThaDeuce


    Where does LaVergne play this Friday Night ?
  2. Nick Rivers is a beast ! I enjoyed playing with him in the game . He has a motor and a mouth to go along with it : Good luck Nick
  3. Yeah ,Yeah ,Yeah it luck and you know it !! Well they won !! Good Luck Bears
  4. It was pure luck, there is no way they should have won !! But hey they did so they are moving on. I hated to see my boys go out like that. Good Luck Bears , make some noise
  5. I'd say at LaVergne it would have to be Mario Kelso, although I would like to say myself ,but Mario was one hard hitting ###### !! He was great . He's now playing in the AFL with Detroit !
  6. Great call Big Poppa, He had 26 tonight ! What a great game by Bullet ! I think LaVergne has the team to win District ! What do you think ? [Edited by ThaDeuce on 1-15-03 12:10A]
  7. ThaDeuce

    Best QB in 2003

    Two Words ! David Wolke, their is no QB in the Region next year that could compare to him [Edited by ThaDeuce on 1-8-03 10:46P]
  8. Yeah I have to agree , with lucky !! LaVergne will suprise alot of people this year ,and they will go as far as Chris Darden and Antjuan Koger take them. I think they have solid role players arond them to be pretty good this year
  9. I think Taron would have been the best in the state if he hadn't suffered a season ending injury. Without a doubt there was nobody that was more lethal than him at wide out last year and it would have been the same this year.
  10. Its a place you don't want to get caught up in !! When I say tough there is no other like the Mound !! Home of Eightball !
  11. Tony Delk from the wood !!!! Led the state in scoring both Jr. and Sr. year and a McDonald's All- Amercian team Also scored like 70 points in one game
  12. Yeah it stinks to be playing my last High School football game , I'm gonna miss it , and all the the times with the team !
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