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  1. Blackman gets it done again. This one could be close though if its wet. Its already going to be a cool night but if it's wet and both teams have to rely on the run, I expect Smyrna to keep it close. If it's dry, Blackman by at least two scores.
  2. Losing again... http://www.titansonline.com/fans/high-school-coach-of-the-week.html
  3. Hate to say it, but McCallie is looking too good lately. If Blackman wins, it will be close.
  4. Even Maryville fans agree. It gets boring watching the same ole same ole. No wonder why some of ya'll have been complaining about home game attendance. Everyone knows what to expect. After going to Maryville a couple of seasons ago, it was apparant that most Maryville parents and fans are not like the loudest and most ardent supporters here. The Rebel keyboard tough guys here create stains on the integrity of the program if you ask me....Just look at all the vitriol in the last 40 pages. If you use this board as a base to form opinions about Maryville fans, you would be dead wrong. Now, as I watched Blackman and Oakland get thrown to the wolves last Saturday I wondered how Maryville would have done. Not out of spite as some of you like to espouse. But Alabama sent their best, and now, they are all down there talking about how Tennessee football is soft and not up to Alabama and Georgia standards. Surely it would be exciting to see our best vs their best. Like I said before, Maryville will probably go 15-0 this season. Great coaching and a great system. We all know it. Nothing new to see here unless your kid is on the team. Now, imagine the spectacle it would have been had it been Maryville coming to the Boro to play Hoover. But according to some of you, its not worth it because the team makes more money off of the gate at a home game. Whatever floats your boat.
  5. This whole subject hits quite the nerve with you doesn't it? You assume that people are taking shots at Maryville and in response you put out this type of unnecessary counter-punch that most of the people here (except several die-hard Maryville fans) are repelled by. Then when no one comments back, you sit back and praise your keyboarding skills and feel vindicated. It's no wonder that over half of this board is Maryville this and Maryville that. Very boring for lurkers like me. Very few Memphis and Middle TN guys post here because we are tired of hearing this type of condescending crap everytime we post something that doesnt fluff the skirts of many of you Maryville fans. As a high school football supporter in Tennessee, I think it helps all of our kids when our programs are getting national exposure. Our teams are forced to get better and better. More recruiters looking at our kids and more kids getting an opportunity to play college ball - - or even go to college at all for many of them. You may think that Maryville has nothing to prove around TN and I would agree. We all know that Maryville is the best in Tennessee. Is that it? Is that where Maryville ends? Some kids out there are walking around saying, "my high school football team was undefeated." So what? Wouldnt it be great for them to say, I helped build a nationally ranked program? Are you really more interested in what the financial payoff is going to be? Is that what it's all about? And yes - playing out of state teams did help Blackman get better and in 2013, had it not been for Shad giving up the run game to showcase our QB's QBism, we just might have beaten you. Whatever. Maryville is great. They have 15 gold balls. They are awesome. Next subject.
  6. Thought this was a good place to leave this. Hopefully it's ok. "If you want to be the best, you have to play the best." http://highschoolsports.al.com/news/article/6199191372110062772/hoover-clay-clalkville-take-part-in-national-prep-trend-facing-out-of-state-powerhouses/
  7. FIGHT NIGHT AT BLACKMAN - - TUESDAY NIGHTS - 5PM - 6PM We had a solid group last week for the first week back from dead period. Open to all HS wrestlers.
  8. He is a beast!! I'd love to know how much FS/GR training he has had over the years and how to get even half that much to the avg TN kid.
  9. It would be nice if the two best teams played in the championship game year in and year out. That hasnt been happening alot lately.....unfortunately. Will the new system have any effect on that situation?
  10. Blackman is going to stop Fight Nights for the month of June. We will resume on the first Tuesday after the TSSAA Dead Period (July 7th)
  11. How many State Champs in AAA ran the Wing T?
  12. Looks like everyone is holding back on regeristing again until the last minute. So far 13 signed up for freestyle and only 5 for greco. Whats the mindset of some who are only wrestling freestyle? Looks like more than half who have signed up so far dont want to wrestle greco. Is there some logic in that that I am missing? And how do we get people to sign up early? I think the seemingly dismal numbers discourage people from making plans to attend.
  13. It wont change until coaches across TN begin promoting FS/GR to their kids and dissuade them from participating in folkstyle tournaments while FS/GR is in season. I believe that you arent getting better unless you are challenging yourself in new ways. I think that a good 50 match folkstyle season PLUS a 25-30 match FS/GR season produces a more well rounded wrestler than an 80 match folkstyle season....and most kids actually really have fun with FS and GR once they understand the rules and how to score. JMO Good article (if Im allowed to post the link) http://wrestling.isport.com/wrestling-guides/why-us-wrestlers-should-try-freestyle-greco
  14. Normally some kids favor folkstyle and decide to leave after folk and free. I don't know if that was why there was a change but I support doing folk last.
  15. 3 kids in the HS 160 class? 6 in the 152? Am I reading that right?
  16. I dont mean to come off as insulting, but that line of thought is perpetuating the problem. The sport can't afford to pay pro refs right now because kids are going to this Flo tournament instead of supporting TN wrestling or they just arent wrestling. too many kids think that they won't get anything out of fs/gr. Their mentors need to research the best if the best and like Salter pointed they will find a direct link to success and fs/gr. I understand there is a problem now but walking away from fs/GR tournaments isn't going to make it better.
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