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  1. Like I said, there are outliers on both sides. Yes, Blackman had a great season and we have access to great coaching so certainly an exception in that area. But we dont get D1 state champs transferring to Blackman either. Especially not two or three at a time.
  2. What? This doesn't address the original argument in the slightest. As a whole, private schools have access to better facilities, better coaching, better partners, and more travel opportunities. Sure, there are outliers on both sides. All this stuff about defeated attitudes is irrelevant to my original point. Privates, in general have access to things that the majority of public schools do not.
  3. First thing that comes to mind is access to high quality coaching and superior facilities. Then I would add that practice rooms tend to have more and/or better quality practice partners on a day in day out basis than public schools. And then...I would also think that access to higher level competition via travel creates an advantage that most public schools can't compete with. That's just off the top of my head tho.
  4. allowed to do the same things that D2 schools are able to do.
  5. Lots of condemnation and condescension from some of our Chattanooga friends. There does seem to be a lot of misinformation on how fight nights go, what the purpose is, and what we are doing in Middle TN to improve.
  6. Cobra is correct. State Champs By Region Region 6 5 Region 1 3 Region 4 3 Region 7 2 Region 5 1 Region 2 0 Region 3 0 Region 8 0 Medal Count by school: Cleveland 10 Wilson Central 8 Blackman 6 Bradley Central 6 Houston 4 Science Hill 4 Dobyns Bennett 3 Rossview 3 Bartlett 2 Beech 2 Brentwood 2 Centennial 2 Clarksville 2 Collierville 2 East Hamilton 2 Jefferson Co. 2 John Overton 2 McGavock 2 Oakland 2 Soddy-Daisy 2 Walker Valley 2 Anderson Co. 1 Arlington 1 Franklin 1 Hardin Valley Academy 1 Independence 1 Kenwood 1 Knoxville Halls 1 Lebanon 1 Maryville 1 Mt. Juliet 1 Munford 1 Riverdale 1 Springfield 1 Stewarts Creek 1
  7. Well well well.... AAA Team Scores: 1 Cleveland 247.0 2 Wilson Central 188.0 3 Blackman 156.0 4 Bradley Central 148.0 5 Dobyns Bennett 124.5 6 Science Hill 115.5 7 Clarksville 90.5 8 Rossview 90.0 9 Brentwood 87.0 9 Oakland 87.0 I can't wait to hear from DaBears1976 all about how the road to state runs through Bradley County, how many times out of 10 that Bradley would win, how much everybody else sucks and all that other jive. Maybe next time, you will resist the urge to jump on your keyboard and try to make your program look good by running someone else's down. In all seriousness, congrats to Coach Smith and his six Bradley State medalists. Bradley is always tough, and probably always will be. I am gonna bask in the glory of 3rd place for a while longer now thanks.
  8. I couldn't disagree more....but it's way too much for me to get into tonight... Maybe one day I will feel like hashing it all out here on the T....just not tonight. All I can say is that one man's trash is another man's treasure. Good luck to all tomorrow.
  9. I disagree with this mentality. TN as a whole has gotten MUCH stronger in the last several years. The evidence of that is incontrovertible. Too much focus on the elites drives out those who could have become contenders. TN should stay focused on the beginners and the middle. Those who want to be elite are going to become just that....no matter how many divisions are in the state
  10. Why wouldn't you do it in track? Coaches are already required to use it for OPC anyway.
  11. You won't get proper seeding until all teams are required to properly put all their results in Track.
  12. Prior to state, AAA Rankings were 1) Cleveland 2) Bradley 3) Wilson Central 4) Blackman Blackman did exactly what people thought they would do. Why the diss?
  13. mat73557

    AAA Duals

  14. John Salter may have some of those results as well. I found a link to some info here. https://web.archive.org/web/20100331191743/http://www.tnyouthwrestling.com/tournament_results.htm
  15. Blackman will host the Iron Man THIS Saturday, April 20th at Blackman High School. We work hard to put on a good tournament. Last year we had nearly 300 wrestlers (the most ever) and we had some awesome match-ups.
  16. Team TN had a wrestler pull out and they are in need of two K-6 elementary age wrestlers THIS weekend in Kingsport. One at 70 lbs and one at Heavyweight (up to 220). They can take one out of state kid if necessary. The heavyweight kid can be 160ish and up. If interested, contact Jason Villers @ 423-316-6098 or Mike Workman @ 615-427-5646
  17. You know I have to disagree with this one...... LOL. After watching Fowler beat Fields at the state duals this year I don't think there's any way that Sells loses that match. This is a very entertaining idea however! I really miss getting to watch some of the guys mentioned. Croy, Soloman and especially Fuller were so fun to watch. And I agree, Hicks has to be the guy at 113. Love that kid.
  18. From what I remember, it will only hold 10 mats. So you'd have to stretch the timeline a bit more or something.
  19. Interesting question posed to me tonight. Since Chattanooga is the obvious Mecca of TN Wrestling, why are there no girls teams? With the way girls wrestling is growing in the US, why hasn't Chattanooga gotten on board? Any ideas?
  20. "Real college wrestlers." What an idiotic thing to say.
  21. When was the last time the rebels had a running clock on them?
  22. Can we get the wrestling talk where it's replayable? I couldnt seem to ever be home when you did it last year...maybe once.
  23. I will say this. Here in Murfreesboro, I and countless others have contributed tons of blood, sweat, tears, and money to making sure that Rutherford County kids have the best opportunities they can to be competitive and display good sportsmanship. (I put in 14 years in youth football)
  24. True...but not all of them.
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