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  1. Who is signing to what school on National Signing Day?
  2. Good games. Indy should have got Overton. Franklin could not deal with Antioch's speed. Looking forward to the semis.
  3. Can 11AAA sweep 12AAA in regional play? Possible, very possible.
  4. Congrats to Bria White from Page on scoring point number 1000 in a win last night.
  5. Brentwood is looking good having defeated Independence, Hillsboro, and Franklin.
  6. Tuesday Indy beat Centennial by 30+. In a surprise Hillsboro beat Franklin by 20+. On tap for Friday Jan. 6th. Indy at Brentwood Hillsboro at Ravenwood Franklin at Centennial Only real sure thing is Franklin over Centennial, they beat them once this year already. Other 2 games will be close, but I'll take Hillsboro and Brentwood.
  7. Six teams to rank, which players to watch. District play begins in full swing tonight. What do you think? 1. Ravenwood 2. Brentwood 3. Independence 4. Centennial 5. Hillsboro 6. Franklin Franklin on the bottom, there is a switch, and should get the juices flowing.
  8. District 11-AAA has more balance this year then in any in recent memory. Here is my stab at how they will finish, what does the CoachT nation think? 1. Brentwood (still the champs till you knock them off) 2. Franklin (M. Puckett putting up big numbers) 3. Independence (balanced starting 5) 4. Hillsboro (new coach, no Harrison) 5. Ravenwood (someone had to be 5) 6. Centennial (new coach not much talent)
  9. Eagles offense has improved and this game is at Independence where the 12th man can have an impact. Indy goes 2-0 vs Brentwood in 2011.
  10. World Series! Hey batter batter, swing!
  11. Teams in the same district should not play each other in the first round. This gives the opportunity to play an unfamiliar foe, and test the strenghts of each district.
  12. bump again. Come on Smyrna faithful how 'bout some help.
  13. The host team Franklin Co. looked good. Not a lot of size put they played physical and fast. Good outside shooters.
  14. Because of the lack of speed in the backfield the 2 play calls that stood out to me were both in the 4th quarter. 1) a reverse on 3rd and about 5, 2)1st down pass play for a quarterback that could not complete a pass to wide open receivers. The backs may have been slow, but Page showed they could pound it.
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