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  1. I don't know this OC, but y'all have sure nuff made him sound bad.
  2. The square dance is much less likely to be breaking recruiting rules than the football weight room. You get that right?
  3. Well there you've gone and complicated it again. Using the HS facilities for MS kids sounds a lot like it break some other rules. Perhaps you should share the programs that do that by name.
  4. agreed. the culture against refs emboldens this kind of behavior.
  5. were you going to responsd the the fact that the best teams in Knox change almost every year? Btw, I like the way you changed Gomer into a more French sounding name.
  6. Looks like @RollRed went back and deleted that blasphemous post... He's still not defending his bologna theories about Eastside cheating...
  7. Karns is 2nd in their 5a region on the back of Bishop. Can't recall the last time they had a season like that. Farragut won state in 2017? and barely made post-season now. Fulton had a good streak a few years ago, but they haven't done anything lately. Has Powell ever won state? West won it 15 years ago or something? Let's think through what your saying and see if it alligns with reality. Halls is playing better than they have in ages. Central won two state championship, lost their head coach, and doesn't appear to be the same. South Doyle made quarter-finals in 5a last year, dropped down to 4a this and finished 4th in their region. If there were a vast conspiracy to cheat, wouldn't the same programs Keep winning every year? In Knox County that doesn't happen. You might be mad at Blount county here, but that of course is a different animal entirely. And neither of those schools play 5a.
  8. You are wrong about this. You think there are five schools that recruit consistently? Is that what I'm understanding? So many arguments and examples against this. There's no point in going into it with you. But, if it makes you feel better to cast stones, then I'll be praying for you man.
  9. You aren't wrong about this. This is generally a terrible practice except for kids with serious emotional or learning dissabilities.
  10. Willie outpicked everyone including the media. Good Job! Your prize is already in the mail.
  11. getting close to last call here...
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