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  1. fredjones

    Waverly 2019

  2. fredjones

    Estes leaves Dresden

    Hopefully some stability will come to a proud program.
  3. fredjones

    Coffee County 2019

    have you got a 10th game yet? DCA is looking for one on 10/4 also.
  4. fredjones

    Metro Rankings

    East Nashville at McGavock on Tuesday
  5. fredjones

    R'dale ?, ?, ?.............

    Don't the have a self-appointed sports information director?
  6. please help us out folks, spring practice is getting cranked up.
  7. please help us out folks, spring practice is getting cranked up.
  8. please help us out folks, spring practice is getting cranked up
  9. fredjones


    The new AD at Lipscomb Academy is a graduate of SkyView Baptist Academy in Memphis. The School closed in 1992.
  10. fredjones

    Who goes to the glass house in 1A

    Looks like the scholarships are winning!!!
  11. April 22nd is when Mt. Juliet begins.
  12. fredjones

    officiating in murfreesboro

    How was the officiating yesterday in the Boro?
  13. fredjones

    Turf in Sumner County

    White House too!!
  14. fredjones

    Turf in Sumner County

    Texas, Michigan , and Ohio State have turf
  15. fredjones

    Schools still needing Games

    Per TSSAA bulletin board: Chattanooga Christian---9/13 Clarksville Academy---8/30 Ensworth---10/11 Lipscomb Academy---9/27 MUS---10/25