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  1. Let Kreager decide who gets the gold basketballs by who has the best hospitality room.
  2. That decision was made by the school board when the magnet school opened up. Eagleville was the only school that the 6a schools would agree to be the co-op school for football.
  3. Green Hill has 8 games, they are looking for two more. their available dates are; August 21st, September 4th, and September 18th.
  4. Shaun Hollingsworh, former HC at Station Camp will be the DC
  5. Mount Juliet Middle will feed Green Hill. West Wilson Middle will feed Mount Juliet High. Gladeville Middle will feed Wilson Central
  6. With the baseball AND softball field at Riverdale being turfed, does this mean that football is number three on the pecking order of sports?
  7. Green Hill has a football coach. His name is Josh Crouch. For the past two seasons he was the DC at St. George's in Memphis. Before that, he was on staff at Wilson Central from 2013-2017 and started his coaching career at Ezell Harding in 2012. He is a Smyrna native who graduated from Smyrna in 2007.
  8. Does this mean a goodbye to the wing-T at Station Camp?
  9. Opens in the fall. 1200 to 1600 students to open with. As of now, only current juniors have an option to stay at MJHS; everyone else goes to the school they are newly zoned to. No coach yet, but Dr. Chris Tucker from White House Heritage is the AD
  10. TSSAA today approved the Green Hill High Schools Hawks from Mount Juliet as a member beginning this fall.
  11. Why has the game been moved to Glencliff? That field is not in good shape.
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