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  1. Nothing changes at LaVergne util Dirk Ash is gone from the principal office. Worst administrator in RuCo.
  2. Cane Ridge/ Oakland tonight at 6 at Cane Ridge
  3. The Rutherford/Williamson County Jamboree has died. Too much non region games with each other.
  4. he threw Kreager's guy at the Commercial Appeal under the bus and ran over him a few times.
  5. Mt Juliet wins the Titans 7 on 7 today. 25 teams going at Riverdale tomorrow
  6. Interesting that there are no games where two Metro schools play each other.
  7. Look for Siegel or Eagleville to take the plunge next.
  8. thanks for the kind words
  9. Webb School Of Bell Buckle--available 8/23, 9/13, 10/11 Mount Juliet Christian--available 9/27, 10/11 Lausanne--available 8/30, 10/11 Knoxville Webb--available 9/20, 10/11 Chattanooga Grace Baptist--available 10/4, 10/18 Chattanooga Christian--9/13, 10/4 Notre Dame--available 9/13, 11/1
  10. have they found a 10th game? Mount Juliet Christian has 9/27 available. Notre Dame has 11/1 available
  11. have they found a 10th game? Maplewood has a date available on 10/11. Webb School of bell buckle, Chattanooga Christian, and Notre dame all have 9/13 available
  12. Coach Broome is looking for a 10th game. His dates are either 10-11 or 10-25
  13. If Lewis County won't play, Maplewood has an open date on 10/25 and I know for a fact Coach Broome is despertly looking for a 10th game.
  14. They announced on their twitter yesterday that the have an interim coach (Trey Miller) and their search is going forward
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