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  1. Taxpayers of Williamson county and many other counties in Tennessee have paid for turf. Rutherford County has just as much money as Williamson.
  2. School consolidation solves this problem.
  3. 7/29 Liberty creek at Green Hill 6:30 TBA at Hillsboro 5:00 Indy at MBA 6:00 TBA at Nolensville 6:00 Overton at Station Camp 5:30
  4. Oh Boy, now Barney will have some more of Shad sayings!!!
  5. Hillwood coach is Tom Moore.
  6. Murphy knew Gordonsville and Smith County; everything else was a guess.
  7. I have been told that Murphy is retiring and his magazine is no more. Donavan Stewart is going to start his version of the magazine this fall.
  8. Another new question: Is anyone going to miss Bumbling Bernard?
  9. New Question, Over/under on how many grilling pictures Kreager will post on twitter. I say 25.
  10. You mean there are people that care about Metro middle school athletics.
  11. Scott Tillman is available
  12. The Mercy Rule is the second best rule change in high school football. The best rule change is the 40 second play clock. And for those of you that complain about your younger players not getting reps, go schedule JV/freshman games with the larger schools (public or private) in your area. You'll get all the reps you want.
  13. Goes to Haywood County as head baseball and assistant football coach.
  14. Oakland, Centennial, Springfield, Green Hill (White) Franklin, Green Hill (green), Page (Red), Page (White) Summit, Hillsboro, Whites Creek, Red Boiling Springs Wilson Central, Ravenwood (Black), Indy, Ravenwood (White) Oakhaven, West Creek, Community, MJCA
  15. 17 teams involved. Starts at 8:00 AM
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