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  1. Are we going to have any words of the day with Shads departure?
  2. he left to become the associate head coach/assistant AD at CPA. Ingle Martin was named AD yesterday.
  3. I am hearing that Antioch has parted ways with Coach Marshall.
  4. According to the Commercial Appeal, the Shelby County School Board voted yesterday to close MAHS due to financial mismanagement.
  5. What are you Blount County folks going to do without Shad to kick around anymore? We won't have any enjoyment anymore!!
  6. Fastest growing area of the county. That's why the next high school is going to be built in Christiana in the next three years. Which will mean a rezoning in that part of the county.
  7. Field will be an issue. Its the only field they have for football (varsity, JV, freshman, and Middle school), soccer (boys, girls, Middle school), and Band. Completely worn our after opening in 2017.
  8. Under high school rules, you can break the huddle with 12. You can't in college
  9. The person you need to ask the the king of grillin like a villian, Tom Kreager of the Tennessean. He knows all about food close to stadiums
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