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  1. told ya....irish got the snot beat out of em...or dare I say the boogers beat out of them,hahahaaha!!!
  2. Lausanne will beat the brakes off the sorry irish
  3. DB fans are delusional as always.your season ends Friday night.Bradley is healthy and they are a very good match up against da tribe. They are very well coached and will not make it easy for you like Ooltewah did. if db fans think tribe wins by 2-3 tds? are insane,Im not saying DB cant win(that's why they play the game),but you all could beat BC in a band off or whatever,anyway see yall friday
  4. Quinn has left the team for 3rd time this season.owls will be fine without him on sidelines.Owls should beat heritage and 1st round game will be winnable 2nd not so much.
  5. I wasn't knocking anyone or any coach,just saying that a few plays here and there(last year especially)Owls would be about the same.Defense and special teams have sparked Ooltewah all year.In some cases scored just as much as the offense.And as far as the passing troubles last year,it was more lack of catching than throwing in most cases,this year's offense have caught more and made a ton of plays after the catch,from what I've seen 4 times owls do not throw it down field as much as they do sideways or short screens etc....it all works,when they catch it.This team could do alot of damage in the playoffs,if they play mistake free ball,because it does seem like they want to shoot themselves in the foot at the worst times in games.Anyway good luck to owls,Hamilton county needs a championship this year.
  6. I'll say this:Ooltewah better be careful.Here's some food for thought. 1st:who have they beat(that they weren't supposed to beat)2 teams with a winning record. 2nd:they haven't beaten anyone that they "were not" supposed to.(loss to Mcminn and Bradley,along with the butt-whoopin siegel put on em!!) 3rd:their record isn't that much different than last year's(maybe 3 more wins than last year)with a weaker schedule.They should whind up 7-3,last year 4-6. Last year losses were by 3pts to Rhea,OT to Cleveland 19-0 against soddy(which owls had chances all night to win that. Point is.,.last year it was youth,this year is a team loaded with seniors 27+,i think,1 play here and there and not much difference.They have enough talent to win alot of playoff games maybe,but can they?just saying.
  7. Yeah since owls throw 50 times a game.
  8. Sitting here watching RBvsBrainerd....don't understand the playcalling 1st down from lions 14 and panthers pass?Brainerd runs it all the way down the field and throws it?.sounds like another team I know.
  9. Owls have enuff talent......3-2 is a joke!
  10. Cat is out of the bag,Owls will find it harder and harder to score and just as tough to stop run oriented teams with any size.
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