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  1. Rome wasn't built in a day, and it takes more than a few months to put in an offense this complicated. Give the staff time and opinions will change. Takes more than just flipping a switch to change things. Looking to seniors to bring the intensity this friday night. To much potential on this team for them not to win. GO PIONEERS
  2. He's not a Wing-T guy. It was more of an option style offense when he was at Warren County.
  3. Like it or not guys, he's here. So either keep complaining or get on board! Work outs start back on Monday.
  4. Wasn't able to listen to the press conference. What all was said? Good to have the position filled. Now we can move forward.
  5. Any idea as to which board member it was? Really getting tired of them telling everyone they want to help but then tying the AD's hands.
  6. so what was the problem last year? what offense and defense did the staff run?
  7. Freshmen looked good tonight. First time I've seen that bunch since their 8th grade season last year. The coach played all of them, and for the most part they all played well. Had the starters stayed in the majority of the time it would have been a blow out. Not sure about this years varsity (only seen them once) but the future looks promising.
  8. I agree with Nitro....who says he's the primary candidate? I don't think a decision will be made until mid to late January. I'm sure there are several others on the short list that we don't know of.
  9. From the conversation i gathered that Woodstock, Snoopy and the rest of the gang are still holding interviews.
  10. A little birdie tells me a hire won't be made until mid January. Curious as to how many of the supposed 40+ applicants are getting an interview? Looks like we have a while to wait...
  11. Hear the first wave of interviews has begun. Any word on who the front runners are? when a decision will be made? or does the board plan to keep us all in the dark until the announcement? the clock is ticking for the kick off of the 2010 season. taking time on hiring a coach is a double edged sword. yes we need to make the right choice, but we're wasting time that could be used by the new coach in getting kids to play, putting together a staff, and hitting the weight room! are the boys even working out right now or has the entire program been put on pause?
  12. Don't look for Dunlap to come back. I have a feeling he'd ask for a lot (all of which is needed for a winning program) and wouldn't get it. Plus he seems to be having a lot of success at NSU. 2 of his position players making all conference and one getting honorable mention......but then again, in WC you never know what's going to happen next!
  13. If I'm not mistaken, Wilmore is the HC for both the men's and women's soccer teams. While he would make a great HC, I do not see him taking it because it would simply put too much on his plate. Several names being thrown around still. Would like to see a list of top 5 candidates in the Standard.
  14. I don't see the new guy (whomever it ends up being) getting the chance to bring in a new staff. I too know of a former alum i would like to see back here at the helm of the high school program, but after talking to him, i see he's goign to ask for to much lol... i guess this off season will show just how bad this administration wants a winning program. don't look for many teaching positions for this new staff. i'm pretty sure the new basketball staffs filled everything we had available.
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