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  1. RecordBook

    Scott Tillman out at Lipscomb

    I'm sure he's smart enough to put together a good staff. Maybe it'll work.
  2. RecordBook

    Metro Rumors

    Last couple of posts have been hard on EN. If true, how is it these things go on without change?
  3. RecordBook

    Scott Tillman out at Lipscomb

    Has he ever coached?
  4. RecordBook

    Scott Tillman out at Lipscomb

    Looks like you fired a pretty good coach... Should of had a replacement already lined up! Now you're scrambling to save face!
  5. RecordBook

    Metro Rumors

  6. RecordBook

    Metro Rumors

    You think they waiting on an appeal with the tssaa? Not a good job without sanctions.
  7. RecordBook

    2019 East Hamilton Hurricanes

    Why did he leave?
  8. RecordBook

    Stewart's Creek opening

    Rankin is in the lap of luxury! He aint moving back to the Boro!
  9. RecordBook

    Stratford 2018

    Looks like they removed the tag on the coach! Well deserved!
  10. RecordBook

    Metro Rumors

    Gallatin is not what it used to be. Station camp has made a difference.
  11. RecordBook

    Metro Rumors

    Thinking the same thing...
  12. RecordBook

    Metro Rumors

    Wouldn't be surprised
  13. RecordBook

    Metro Rumors

    Funny they open up the same time after that fight.
  14. RecordBook

    Prayers for Smyrna’s head coach

    Prayers for the family and the community.
  15. RecordBook

    4A Title Game #1 Greeneville Vs. Haywood

    There was some terrible football being played on one side of the ball!