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  1. 1. I would respectfully remind you that CPA didn't attempt to use a potent part of their offense. Had Alcoa had their starting QB or had more success with the #2 quarterback CPA could have passed. CPA threw two passes, one was a spike to stop the clock, the other was an attempt by the kicker to salvage a fg opportunity. Weatherly is a 70ish% passer with 1765 yards passing this year while playing 50-75% of 13/15 games. Had Weatherly missed the game I suspect Hockaday would have filled in nicely. Pure conjecture, I could be wrong. 2. If Alcoa/CPA played 10 times I suspect they would split. Two very good teams. 3. Dear Mr. Postman, congratulations on a great season and a good game plan vs. CPA. Be glad CPA scored quickly. Had CPA had long scoring drives their output would have been the same but Westmoreland would not have had time to be as productive. Not sure why you abhor CPA so much, I wish you well. Life is too short not to wish others well.
  2. Fact: The tickets are split 50/50 between the schools. If you are a Cubs fan you can get your tickets at CCHS.
  3. CPA certainly NOT responsible for the ill-informed article. Only great respect coming your way GC. Know it will be a exciting game and the beginning of a great rivalry.
  4. Great game tonight between ND and CPA. It's been a privilege to watch the CPA girls for the past 4 years. Can't begin to imagine the team without Amy, Tori, Alyssa, Julia and the rest of the amazing Senior girls. Thanks girls! In my completely biased opinion the better team is going home. Good luck ND.
  5. We don't need to "fix" ObamaCare, we need to scrap it and then work towards fixing our health care system. We don't need to "fix" the TSSAA playoff system, we need to scrap it and then work towards a more equitable system. If Mr. Childress truly wants to do the right thing he will not put a band-aid on a gaping wound. Tomorrow we may make a dent in repealing ObamaCare. What is the best forum for trying to repeal TSSAACare?
  6. Careful about criticizing the CPA game and celebration. The CPA girls won the game prior to the boys game in triple overtime. I think the response at the end of the boy's game was enhanced by not being able to celebrate the girls win adequately. My recollection is that Ensworth had it's football players but the platooning that seems to be working nicely for Ensworth now was less than fluid that night. Ensworth never got into a sustained rhythm. They are a great team. Should win the state again. Best of luck to them.
  7. Wow, 3 of the 4 best teams on the same side of the bracket. Blind draw?
  8. Careful before you rename our field. Show me a field that has been used in the past few weeks that isn't a marsh. (Please don't mention MBA) Great game under less than desirable conditions, a wet field with a falling midst. No excuses here. DL did what they had to do at the end of the game. Congratulations. Still proud of the Lions.
  9. No one said he complained about the refs. If GB had any idea what Coach has done in the lives of the young men on the CPA team he'd keep his lame comment to himself. Sounds like MC had a magical night. Sorry to see CPA bow out. Hoped they'd get another shot at the state this year. Best of luck to MC and DL from Region 5.
  10. Hope DL and CPA get to play again this season, always guaranteed to be worth the (steep, thanks TSSAA) price of admission. I think if these teams played 10 times they would split 5/5. If the illness defense is to be considered please note that Anna Mitchell couldn't even attend the Monday night game due to strep. Anyway, let the games continue. Hopefully both teams, along with HF and EH, will be in action for the next few weeks.
  11. junior1


    Thanks HerdFan, feel exactly the same way about DLHS, the players, fans and especially the coach. Looking forward to a great final four in the district. Would love to see a CPA/DLHS classic championship game but this year it's anybody's guess. Having said that, I do think CPA will more than avenge their loss to HF last week and I see DLHS beating MLK. We'll see come Friday.
  12. junior1


    Interesting year so far. Not qualified to speak about all of the teams in the district but here goes, please contribute whatever insight you've got on the teams. Lipscomb (6-2) is doing what they do best, hustling, never quitting and listening to their coach, who always has a great plan. Saw CPA (8-1)last night against MLK and caught a glimpse of the region champs they were last year. IF they stay healthy and focused I believe they will be playing deep into March. Please chime in the rest of 9AA.
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