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  1. Hats off to Haywood. They look like they’re going to be tough. My Patriots? I’m a little concerned. It’s the first game with a young team so I’m not going to overreact.
  2. Kwc, that feed is legit. You can watch the game on it.
  3. This is a great feed. Thank you. Good game so far. HC looks a little sloppy.
  4. I agree. They have a new coach and always have athletes on the field. I don’t think I can make it but am going to try.
  5. We need it badly but I think it’s “when not if”.
  6. It was up and down last night but we have some very good young players. Ready for the season to start.
  7. Davy Harrod will be back and he was a beast yesterday.
  8. I see the trash has entered the thread. Thought we might avoid this nonsense.
  9. Congrats to HC on a heck of a run. I know the boys didn’t get the result but they should hold their heads high and be proud.
  10. Stream link http://vcloud.volarvideo.com/broadcast/embed/100419?slug=2018-tssaa-5a-state-championship-knoxville-central-vs-henry-county&autoplay=1
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