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  1. You can tell it’s the off-season
  2. He’s been gone since halfway through the season. Good luck to him, hope he does well.
  3. If key players stay healthy, I expect HC to be very good next year. Plenty of young talent in the pipeline too. The next 4-5 years could possibly be like the 2009-2013 run HC went on.
  4. Stubborn coaches lose games. I’m still in shock over that call.
  5. Congrats to Powell. Hope Henry Co can meet up with them next year. I would think they’re the top 2 preseason favorites next year.
  6. Wow, same thing happened against HC. Page won’t quit.
  7. Page won’t quit. Powell is the better team though.
  8. It will haunt that coach if it matters and I think it might.
  9. Calvin McNairl coaches DBs/WRs at Cane Ridge. HC has 7 alumni on staff and the freshmen coach is also an alum. Probably a few others I’m forgetting elsewhere.
  10. I think Powell takes it but the Page QB is legit.
  11. Some of the fanbase on CoachT might be taken as a joke, the fanbase as whole is not and is one of the best in the state. Good luck to you and whichever team you root for moving forward.
  12. If HC could’ve had one long drive in the 4th, it would’ve closed the door. Each time HC got the ball they scored quickly and it gave Page the ball right back. Just a perfect storm for Page. Page basically needed to steal 2 possessions to win and they did.
  13. Hats off to Page, they never gave up and got a couple of lucky breaks when they needed them. McNamara is legit. The future looks bright at Henry Co with some talented classes in the pipeline.
  14. Good luck to Westview from Henry Co. We will be pulling for y’all. Wish we were up there with y’all but the football gods had other plans.
  15. Good luck to McKenzie from Henry Co. We will be pulling for y’all. Wish we were up there with y’all but the football gods had other plans.
  16. Hats off to Hendersonville if they can stop Destin Wade.
  17. Yes, he’s a monster. I’m not 100% on the height but he’s very tall. He could be a beast if he commits to the weights/conditioning.
  18. HC has 11 seniors. I would say about 4/5 on each side of the ball that start. They’ll be missed but there is quite a bit of talent in the underclassmen.
  19. Hats off to Springfield, they never gave up and played hard until the end. GBR
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