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  1. I think the website said Cane Ridge...ver nice fields
  2. Yes SYSA partnered with USSSA. I hope they can get some big time tournaments in Middle Tn.....Past couple of years we only played USSSA and Bpa tournamnets. I think BPA may be having trouble locking up fields, maybe they can I like their tournaments. I would love to see Super Series come into Mid. Tn, but there just isn't any open dates at the nicer complexes. We did take a trip to Memphis and played at the Gameday fields....Awesome complex! Nothing like that around here! This year we plan on playing a couple of kid pitch tournaments in Georgia and maybe playing in the "Best of the South" in South Haven, Ms.....I'm not a fan of the TYBA either, we skip out on it this year. Have you check into the West Tn sports complex in Jackson? I don't think they have a schedule yet, but have super nice fields also. Our website is www.franklinforce.com our contact info is on it if you would like to set up some games, we can also add you to our coaches list for the spring. Also if they get enough participation we will sign up for the league that SYSA is doing for the spring.
  3. What use to be Tennesse BPA is now Southern Youth sports association....They are now USSSA....There link is: http://www.southernyouthsportsassociation.com/ I didn't think BPA had their schedule out yet, I need to look at that myself. What team are you with? I'm with the Franklin Force, we will be looking for some scrimmage games in the spring maybe we could work something out if your interested.
  4. For the younger travel teams for 2009, the 8u Franklin Force and Marshall County Bombers are two of the best. Both teams won alot of tournaments this past summer. Both have great coaches and a great bunch of boys....Tennessee Ravens and Symrna Bugs will probably be the best 9u teams for 2009.
  5. I'm one of the 7u Franklin Force soon to 8u team out of Franklin. We will be organizing tryout for the fall soon. We would love to invite you to come over. We where one of the best 7u teams around this year, had a very sucessful year and look for a greater one in 2009. If your interseted in a tryout you can contact me through our website.....www.franklinforcebaseball.com Greg
  6. What area are you in? I'm one of the coaches for the 7u soon to be 8u Franklin Force. A few of our kids will be playing in a 8u kid pitch league this fall and we are looking for more kids. We also will be having tryouts for our 2009 season this fall. We also have a 6u team that will be having tryouts for 2009 also....Our website is www.franklinforcebaseball.com......If you would like any other info just let me know...I can be reached through the website....thanks Greg Oh and most of the people that replied don't know what there talking about. If your loves it that much let him play. Also this day in time a kid will get left behind. The more games the better.
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