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  1. Who died and made you god!! Haha u maryville fans think u are all better than anyone judging by student section chants last night just shows how much class y’all actually have
  2. Wb looking to get back on track this week and they will do just that score prediction wb38 mo west 20
  3. maryville rebels get ready and pull them jock straps tight the govs are coming for you we will not be pushed over
  4. maryville will be running out to this music on Friday
  5. Bc all u do is set behind a computer and bully people and run your mouth You probably don’t even know anything about football u played in the band
  6. Not all wb fans say bad things I have a lot respect for maryville and there program I hope for a great game next week
  7. What’s everybody thought on this game? I’m not gonna make any predictions cause it’s maryville lol but hope boys show up and play good ball and we might as well get it over with week 1
  8. Yeah I hate to see him go the not sure on the replacement
  9. William Blount has new Announcer this season g unit retired from football
  10. Im proud of the govs and the coaches they really coached a good game
  11. Defense brought the pain to panthers best defense at wb in while very physical too
  12. Oh yeah!! How fitting that THE HEAD ANTI RINGSEEKER personally hand over ALL of the Blount Co Jamboree individual contests BLING to our ALCOA TORNADOES !! EPIC Picture too! 

    Thank you!


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